How to Make Money Fast and Creative Ways to Make Money Quickly

From time to time everyone has to turn to others for support, advice and practical assistance. They may need help with a job they’re working on, emotional support or a loan.

Life is full of ups and downs, and during those times when the coffers are empty, whether because of a miscalculation, unexpected job loss or you just need some money fast, here are some quick and easy ways to make money.

Cash in on your old mobile phones ~

If you have any old or broken mobile phones lying about the house, why not get paid for recycling them? According mobilephone recycling you can compare prices across mobile phone sites. So shop around to find the best price and service for you.

Get paid for your opinions on on-line surveys ~

Sign up on a paid survey website and earn money, prizes or rewards for each survey you complete. These are genuine money-making opportunities. In the days before the internet, when a company launched a new project, they would do research through call centres and getting out in the public to work out whether it would be a popular idea. Nowadays, companies pay out great sums of money to those who are doing these surveys on-line. Some of these companies will demand an up-front payment but you might prefer those you can register with for free.

There are a number of cash survey sites such as

While this link paid-surveys gives a list of paid survey websites.

If you aren’t keen on filling in hundreds of surveys, or you don’t want to give too many personal details of yourself away, why not try participating in market research. At Saros Research you can earn £30 to £100 by taking part in a couple of hours market research.

Have you thought about selling your photographs on line? ~

There is no registration fee to join fotolia Here you can upload your photos and expose our work to thousands of professional buyers around the world. As long as you are 18 years old, the author of all files you upload and you won all rights to the files, they can be sold and you will receive a royalty based on your ranking within the site.

Sell Your Unwanted Items on Ebay ~

Set up an Ebay account and it won’t take long to get your head around this system of buying and selling. Many people make a steady income from selling on Ebay. A good way to start is to wait for eBays ’10p listing’ days and that way even if your things don’t sell, you won’t be out of profit.

While at music magpie you can get cash for your old CDs, DVDs and Games.

Check your accounts ~

Often people subscribe to magazines or internet sites annually and forget to cancel their subscriptions when they stop using these. You could save money through going through your bank and credit card statements to check for subscriptions you no longer use. Cancel these immediately. If you have cable or satellite TV contact the company and they may renegotiate your account and perhaps will drop the number of channels you receive as a way of reducing your bill.

Get Paid for Spending ~

Cashback credit cards pay you back a proportion of what you spend whenever you use them.

Are you claiming your full benefit entitlements? ~

Could it be you aren’t aware of benefits you could claim if you’re struggling to pay your bills or cope with everyday expenditures? At the direct gov web site you will find a calculator that will give you an idea of what you may be eligible to claim.

Join a police ID Parade ~

At one time volunteers would stand on ID parades along with the suspects of a crime. ID parades now take the form of a short video clip that shows people on screen. To ensure the database remains current, West Yorkshire Police are constantly recording new volunteers. Volunteers are paid a fee of £15 for their time and they promise no volunteer’s identity will be disclosed. Further details can be found at Yorkshire Police

With a little research you will find there are ways to make money on-line and off-line and some of these will bring a quick response depending on the money-making venture you might choose.