How to Make Money from the Trash in your Home

In today’s modern economical climate adding some extra pennies to the families finance is a sure-fire winner. So where to start? Firstly you will need to have a good spring-clean. It’s a good suggestion to turn a room or an area into a refuse site for the items, sorting into various piles for the following suggestions.

EBay and Craigslist

The booming auction house has been in operation since 1995 and offers a fantastic resource to start coining in the money. Simply open up a sellers account which will take a few moments and you will almost be ready to start listing. Next you will need a PayPal account. Get your camera ready to photograph your items and you are all set. If you prefer an alternative try Craigslist.

Garage or car boot sales

Choosing good weather here and a good stall display will bring in money fast. Garage sales are ideal here as no additional overheads and no fees will mean all that extra money will be yours. Car boot sales are a predominantly English affair involving many members of the public with large open selling areas. The slight disadvantage here is paying an entrance fee for the type of vehicle which you will sell from. However often it is necessary to spend money to make money, making back your entrance money is never an issue in reality. Alternatively opt for a garage sale like our American brethren as a fee-free option.

Local ads and free papers

Larger bulkier items such as bikes, mowers, beds and furniture can be advertised locally in newspaper shops. Solutions for selling these types of object can also include an A4 paper with a photo and description with your telephone number attached in easy-to-tear strips at the bottom. Only use these in allocated places to avoid fly-poster charges.


Some metals, particularly copper, iron and lead, sell at extraordinary prices now so check for those old immersion heaters. Wood can also be a valuable asset to both carpenters and woodworkers so check what is available.

Gold and jewelry

Phenomenal prices for gold means this is literally a goldmine product to sell now. With current prices at $1141.80 an oz. This market is an ideal way of turning broken or damaged gold into spendable currency. Jewelry is another option to trade in. However only use reputable dealers to help maximize your profits. Seek second opinions wherever possible.


Many items of clothing have a vintage or retro potential so it is worth selling these as kitsch items. This can be done by checking with shops that specialize in this style of clothing. Alternatively auction these through the internet auction sites eBay or Craigslist.

Making money from your house trash is easy. Just ensure your research high-price items well. Paintings, dusty-antiques, and gifts from antiquity should be valued independently by an approved antique dealer. You will be surprised how many “old masters” are found in attics across the world.