How to Make Money when you are Broke

Everyone will find they short on cash at some point in their life.  When you find yourself broke and needing money fast, it is important to know where you can make quick money.  Whether you are a starving college student or have found yourself between jobs, there are plenty of ways to get money fast when you are broke. 


Writing 400 word online articles can be a great source of money when you are broke.  Associated Content, Helium and Demand Studios all pay upfront for articles.  For example, Demand Studios pays $15 for How-to articles.  If you write 3 articles a day for a month at that rate, you will have earned $1350!

Donate Plasma

Plasma donation is another easy source of income if you are a healthy individual.  Most plasma donation centers will pay you $25 per donation.  Since you can donate twice a week you will earn $200 a month for sitting in a chair.

Deliver Pizzas

If you have time for a second job, try delivering pizzas.  Not only will you earn an hourly wage, but you will also receive tips and compensation for wear and tear on your vehicle.  A friend of mine works 3 nights a week and brings in at least $50 a night.  That is $600 a month!

Yard Sale

A yard sale is a great get extra money when you are broke.  Look around your home and find some things you can bare to get rid of. DVDs you never watch, clothing you never ware or gym equipment that you never use are all great items to sell at a yard sale.  Also, be sure you as your neighbors if they would like to have one as well, as multi-family yard sales usually bring in more buyers.

Sell your Hair

If you are one of the lucky few who have beautiful long hair, consider selling it.  Depending on the length and quality of your hair you can get as much as $1000.  Just remember that if your hair is dyed, then you are not likely to sell it.  Most purchasers of hair need the hair to be in its natural state.

Complete Surveys

There are plenty of legitimate online survey companies that will pay $5-$10 for every survey you complete.  These surveys can take between 15 minutes to an hour to complete, the longer the survey, the more you will earn.

Online Offers

Sites like and will pay you to try new products and services.  For example, you can sign up to try and get paid $15, you will need to pay $8.99 to try it and then you can cancel.  That means that you will have made $6 just for trying Netflix.  There are many people who earn $500 a month completing offers online.


Babysitting is not just for teenagers.  Parents are always looking for reliable people to watch their children, so this is a great way to get fast money when you are broke.  Spread the word among family and friends that you are wanting to start babysitting.   Before you know it you will have several families to sit for and will have a steady source of money.

Mow Lawns / Shovel Snow

Let’s face it, people are lazy and do not want to do extra work.  However, if you aren’t afraid of manual labor, mowing lawns in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter are great ways to make money.  You can advertize your services for free on Craigslist and build a clientele.

If you are broke and need to get fast money, use these ideas to start bringing in that money.  The best things about these ideas are that almost anyone can do them and they won’t cost you anything out of pocket to start.  Now all you have to do is get started.