How to Make Money with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a real, legit moneymaking website. It is a very popular site, and has been used for a long time. To sign up free for Swagbucks.

There are numerous ways to earn money. For every method you successfully undertake, you are paid in virtual currency known as swagbucks. Swagbucks can be substituted in for all sorts of gift cards, PayPal money, entries for sweepstakes and everyday items.

Search engine: When you use their search engine, you are eligible to win swagbucks. You will not win every time, but it is possible to win at least 2-3 times a day. 

Games: Again, each time you play an online game, you are eligible to win swagbucks. This doesn’t make that much money, but the games are fun and you could even get your kid to play it.

Polls: Just vote daily on a random poll. Submit and get your poll approved to win even more swagbucks.

NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers): View a series of offers (max. 1-2 minutes) and collect swagbucks at the end daily.

Shop and earn: Shop online as you usually do, except now you are earning cashback for it. You earn a certain amount of swagbucks for every dollar you spend on Amazon, eBay, Target etc. under their link. With swagbucks, you can earn better than 6 percent cash back, just by using their link!

Special Offers: There are hundreds of these. Some are free-just sign up on a website, complete a survey etc. If you are willing to pull out your credit card, hundreds more opportunities open up, for which you are fully compensated for with swagbucks.

Trade in: Convert different items collecting dust sitting around your house into swagbucks simply by trading them in. A great way to earn if you have been a hoarder. Just get online and check the rates (free shipping after you earn 500 swagbucks from this area)

Swagbucks TV: View videos. You are payed every ten videos. These clips are short 1-2 minutes, and on average you only need to watch them for 45 seconds before you are credited.

Referrals: Promote your referral link and invite family and friends to swagbucks. You are paid matching swagbucks everytime they win swagbucks with their search engine. If they win 10 swagbucks on a search, you also get 10 swagbucks.

Tips and tricks: Set the Swagbucks search as your default search and/or your homepage. Then you will remember to use their search engine and possibly win just for doing what you do all the time-search the Web. Install the toolbar. You are given a swagbuck every day just for using the toolbar. The toolbar also alerts you to swag codes  that you enter for swagbucks. Everything about this site is legitimate and awesome.