How to Make Money with Swagbucks

One way to make extra money is completing surveys and other websites. is a website where you can make money online by using their toolbar to search, watch videos, take surveys, play games and more. You can earn swag bucks (SBs) for doing the above; SBs are redeemed for gift cards such as StarBucks, Amazon and others or other prizes. Prizes include magazines, hair care products, small kitchen appliances, kids items and more.

After signing up, one of the first steps is to download the toolbar. By using this as one of your search engines you can earn SBs, which varies in values. Fridays are Mega Swag Days where you can earn more per search than normally.

Each day you can take a daily poll to earn a SB a day. Other ways to earn points are to watch short videos, take surveys and play games. You can answer questions to see if you qualify for certain surveys to earn SBs.

At certain times they will have a code available that you enter in the Gimme box on the homepage for extra SBs. These codes can be found on the SwagBucks blog or SwagBucks Facebook page. At the top of the page is an envelope, this is where you messages are received. The messages contain information on valid codes and special deals to receive SBs.

You can also earn SBs by signing up for No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO).  When doing this make sure it is something you are interested in and read to make sure you know what you are signing up for. Some may have monthly fees attached.

A new way to earn points is to redeem coupons that are available on the website.  You will receive SBs for each coupon that is redeemed. There are coupons you can select and print out to redeem, and there others that are able to be added to your grocery reward card that is applied to your account

It may seem like it takes a while to earn enough points to redeem, but if you have a few extra minutes per day they can add up. The gift cards are used as gifts, or to purchase items you need to purchase. Sometimes every extra dollar makes a difference in your financial situation.