How to Make the most of Coupons

Coupon clipping is as simple as knowing where to find the coupons and how to use them.  Of course you can use coupons whenever you want; saving some money is better than not at all, but the best way to use your coupons is in conjunction with a sale.  There are two basic things you need to know to save money with coupons.  One is where to find the coupons and the other is how to use them. 

The Newspaper 

The most obvious place to find coupons is in the newspaper.  You can look for a deal on a Phoenix paper through the school system.  If you can wait until Monday morning, visit your local newspaper officeand they will usually sell you a back issue for a discounted rate. 


The newspaper is no longer the only way to get manufacturers coupons.  There are websites popping up such asGrocery Smartswhere you can download coupons directly to your grocery card.  Find free manufacturers coupons at  This web site will only let you print one set per household per month so make sure your printer is working before you hit print or you will not get your coupons. 

Valpakis a great place to find coupons in your local Phoenix neighborhood.  They have coupons for anything from eating out to household services.  Just plug in your zip code or the zip code you wish to shop in, and print coupons.  This week Valpak is offering $8.00 off admission to Phoenix Wet N Wild Water Park. 

At the Grocery Store 

Shop with your eyes wide-open because people toss coupons everywhere.  You can look for special coupons posted with new products, and the employees handing out samples are probably going to shove a coupon in your hand as well. 

Mostgrocery stores print out coupons with your receipt.  Often times an advertisement will print and if you buy a certain amount of product within a certain time frame they will give you a dollar amount off of your total bill or a free product like milk or baby formula.  Read the details carefully and you can save big.  

On Products 

Look for coupons attached to every item you purchase.  Many times coupons are printed on the inside of cereal and cracker boxes and on the bottom of yogurt container lids.  Thoroughly examine every product package before it is discarded and train your family to do so as well. 

On Your Store Card 

Make sure you register with every local grocery store they will send money saving coupons based on your purchasing record.  If you have children you will also want to register with the diaper and formula companies. These companies will send you valuable coupons and occasionally you may get to try a new product for free.  Many grocery store chains now have websites that will download extra coupons to your grocery store card, including coupons for extra savings on store brands so check your grocery store website carefully. 

How to Use Coupons 

Choose a grocery store that still doubles and even triples coupons.  The Fry’s Food Store/Krogerchain triples coupons up to $1.00 every day and Albertson’s doubles certain weeks.  If you shop at a grocer that doubles, pair your coupons with a sale, and you will start getting everything from cake mix to toothbrushes for free.  Make a grocery list and then go online or visit the store in person to pick up a weekly sale add.  Compare the coupons you have clipped with the items on sale.  Make sure you pay attention to details such as purchase limits or minimums and sale dates. 

There are also some new websites popping up that will do this work for you.  Coupons Senseis a website where you can purchase your newspaper at a discount and then for a membership fee the website will send you a list of bargains that you can purchase or get for free at local stores with coupons.  The only thing to watch out for with these websites is to carefully compare the membership fees and cost of newspaper with the actual savings.  If you work full time then this may be a good way for you to save with coupons.