How to Make the most out of your Costco Membership

Costco is undeniably a leader in the big box, bulk-buying arena. As of 2010, the big box store boasted million members, and is adding even more members and stores each year. But not all of those members know how to make the most out of their Costco membership; and you might be one of them. When it comes to making the most of your Costco membership, there are six ways to get the most bang for your buck.

No. 1: Buy non-perishables in bulk

Buying canned goods or cleaning supplies sans expiration dates is a smart move at Costco or anywhere else. This allows you to stock and store items in your pantry or larder without having to worry about losing money on items that may otherwise go to waste.  

No. 2: Join a shopping club (or make one)

Combining your forces with other families (members or not) makes a lot of sense, and saves you money to boot. By splitting the costs on items like fruits, vegetables and other perishables,and since you are getting the bulk discount on just about everything you buy,  you don’t just avoid wasting money on wasted food, but you also guarantee that you are paying the lowest unit price per item.

No. 3: Buy store brand

Kirkland is Costco’s signature in-store brand, and when you purchase things with the logo, the savings are significant. Since Costco owns the Kirkland brand, the merchant pays less overhead, and passes the savings to you.  

No. 4: Be on the lookout for coupons

Costco sends coupons through mail and also makes them available to members online, and in today’s dreary economic climate, coupons are sexy. Combining coupons with Kirkland brand products, or using them to cut the costs for your shopping club saves you big money.

No. 5: Use cash back

Costco and American Express teamed up to offer consumers the Earnings card. This exclusive to Costco members card pays you 3 percent cash back on all restaurant purchases, two percent cash back on gas, and one percent cash back on everything else. Even better is that the savings apply to everything both inside and outside of Costco; making Costco the store that really pays you back – if you have an American Express True Earnings card, that is.

No. 6: Getting gas

Costco is well known for having gas that is several cents cheaper than local competitors. This makes our dedicated Costco shopping day the optimum day for a fill up.