How to Protect yourself from Falling Victim to Identity Theft

There are a lot of different types of insurance out there which people just don’t need. There’s such a thing as cancer insurance even though health insurance should already cover that. Now of days there’s even terrorism insurance and pet insurance. Nobody really needs these things, they’re just gimmick products. Of course we need good health insurance, life insurance, automobile insurance, and home insurance, but there’s a lot of bad insurance products out there that practically no one needs. What about identity theft insurance? Is this something worth while, or is it just another gimmick insurance plan?

In most cases, identity theft insurance isn’t worth it. Basically they pay you money in the event that your identity theft is stolen. It might be a big mess that you have to clean up which will take some time, but you haven’t received any real financial loss because of it, so why would you insure for that? These plans really don’t do anything to clear up the fact that you have had your identity stolen, they just give you money. They don’t solve the problem.

One company has taken a new approach to identity theft insurance which is much more helpful to preventing identity theft and taking care of the situation in the unfortunate event that your identity is stolen. Zander Insurance, a frequent advertiser on the Dave Ramsey Show, has come up with a new identity theft protection program, called their “Identity Safegaurds” program which might be a good solution for people worried about having their identity stolen, and really, we all should be worrying about it because it’s happening so often and the instances of theft are growing rapidly.

The plan itself offers a number of different services that makes your identity more secure so it’s less likely to be stolen. They’ll ask you a series of questions about your lifestyle and give you some suggestions as to how you can minimize the possibility of having your identity stolen. They’ll also alert you about new scams, frauds and security breaches to you know what’s out there. They’ll send you reminders once every 4 months to check one of your three credit reports, to make sure that there’s no suspicious activity on them.

In addition to the prevention services, they do a great job on cleaning up the mess if your identity is stolen. They will assign you a personal recovery representative which is essentially a case worker for you. They’ll put fraud victim alerts on your credit bureaus, notify creditors, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies. They’ll work with you to take care of any legal issues and make sure your identity theft mess has been cleaned up.

In the event that you have to miss work or have to pay anything to clean up after your identity theft has been stolen, such as legal fees, court costs, credit reports, all the way up to $20,000 per individual, and there’s no deductible to speak of.

Overall this product is very solid. If you’re going to get identity theft insurance, Zander insurance is definitely the place to go for it. It actually takes care of the problem rather than just writing you a check and making you clean up the mess.