How to Protect yourself from Falling Victim to Identity Theft

Very few things can match the horror of being a victim of identity theft. When some stranger, posing as you, acquires credit cards, loans or other financial things in your name, running up large balances of debt that can lead you to financial ruins. According to the 2007 survey conducted by the Better Business Bureau, approximately 9 million American adults were victims of identity theft. That breaks down to about 17 people every minute falling victim in the United States! You need to learn how to protect yourself against identity theft, TODAY!

So many people are victims of identity theft because they have failed to safeguard their personal computer. Hacking into your personal information is something that most hackers can do. Here are somethings for you to do to protect yourself against a hacker and save yourself from identity theft.

If you do not know the sender of the email, do not open it and just delete it.

Secure your wireless network by encrypting it to block access from outside eyes.

Install security software because these programs will restrict unauthorized access to the data on your computer.

Make sure your computer has an active firewall, virus and spyware protection.

It’s not enough to just delete your pop-ups, you also need to be aware of an increase in pop ups. If you start to get a lot more than usual, it could mean your computer has been invaded and you need to have it checked out.

Another way that people are targeted is through your plastic cards such as credit cards, atm cards or debit cards. Thieves can hack into computer serves used by stores where plastic cards are accepted. Here are some helpful tips to keeping your plastic cards protected against identity theft.

Always use your signature when making a purchase. A pin number can easily be stole but your signature is unique to you and much harder to duplicate.

Always go over your credit card or bank statements carefully before paying. By looking for unusual activity or charges, you can be aware that you have fallen victim to identity theft and can alert your credit card company or your bank.

Shred pre-approved credit offers before throwing them away. If you don’t, thieves can fill out the forms, acquire the cards and start charging on them before you know it. You can also stop these offers by visiting the Consumer Credit Reporting Industry Website and request that all pre-approved credit offers be stopped, so the offers no longer come in the mail.

By taking precautions, you can protect yourself and your financial future from falling victim of identity theft.