How to Provide Food for your Family when You’re Flat Broke

Today, we are living in an economy that has left many people without any resources left to care for the needs of their families. They may have been working men and women who lived month to month, or they may have been people whose jobs disappeared as the economy went downhill (such as realtors or those in the auto industry) and they have burned through their savings already. For whatever reason, there are people who find themselves flat broke. They still have to eat, as do their families, but are wondering how they are going to make sure that happens. If you find yourself in this position, it is very scary, but there are still resources that you can use to find a way to provide food for another day.

*The government will often step in with assistance if you are in need of food or shelter. If the need is a true emergency, they may even be able to get you some help right away. Food stamps are the typical form of help that the government will be able to get you. It can take a while to get the paperwork to go through so apply as soon as you know that you are going to end up in a position of needing it.

*Food pantries can often provide boxes of food to you. Many times, these are full of non-perishables. They almost always are dependent on donations from others in the community so they can run out of food boxes at times. Go as early in the day as possible to increase your chances of getting something from these non-profit organizations.

*Soup kitchens and shelters can provide single meals for you and your family. They won’t typically have anything for you to take home with you, but they can provide you with a healthy and hot meal.

*If you able to, you can grow some of your own vegetables, hunt and fish for food provisions. This is something that you should plan for as it takes some time and forethought, but it is a great backup for times that money is tight, or non-existent.

*Do you have friends or family that might be able and willing to help out? You may be surprised to find that in this economy, there is a spirit of togetherness and helpfulness that hasn’t always been so strong. When it’s necessary, set aside your pride and ask for help.