How to Put your Money to Work

Looking for sources of steady income with little effort and risk ? This article is all about it.The most popular way is putting your money in a saving account , CD or even a bond or bond fund and maybe you know it already so it won’t be told here but there are a few more ways other than those.

Candy Machine chain (or snack and drinks machines) is the first one you can check. Please don’t underestimate this type of business,a 20 machines route which can give you an extra $300 per month after deducting everything related to the business expense is not an ambitious number.Cost of buying a route is less than ten thousand dollars depending on the number of machines and a particular route.You need to do a little research about the route before accepting the offer.If you’re lucky enough you can re-coupe the capital in less than two years (excluding the steady income having paid for you every month )

It will take your time a little bit at first but after that all you have to do is go around, collect money and fill up the machines.In evaluating the business potential of each machine you need to check if the location is children related business because they will be your main customers.

The ten thousand if put in a 5% CD just produces around $41 per month so this vending route is clearly many folds more productive and requires little time,effort, and much less risky than many other investing vehicles out there on The Street.

The second type of business is game room. This one requires a little more capital and time but the income potential is certainly much higher.Again,this type of business is self-functioning and target at children as main customers so it faces less risk both financially and security.If the shop is in a mall then the chance of success is really high.If you can’t watch the business by yourself you still can hire a student to work part time to help you; he or she can watch the shop with very flexible schedule and happily receive a minimum pay.

In cases,you can add your own vending machine in your game shop and they will enhance your income from the business.Both the vending route and game shop are qualified for business loan.However,you need to have a good credit to get a lower interest rates charged by the banks who loan the capital for your business and of course your potential income will be reduced.

These are just a couple of examples that there are several business opportunities which provide a steady income with least commitment.In another time I will suggest some other ways of making extra money with even no risk and with other people’s money ! That’s true! I’ve tested them myself;therefore,right now I just stay at home to help my children with their home works and write web blogs for fun and at the same time earn a little extra “steady income”. Good luck !

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