How to Raise your Credit Score after a Bankruptcy

You can consciously do something to raise your credit score after a bankruptcy.

The understanding of bankruptcy and how it affects the bankrupt can make one develop a mindset of never becoming financially stable again, especially with a very low credit score as a result of it.

However, there are many ways to raise one’s credit score after a bankruptcy and become stable again.

These processes are to be consciously applied and strictly adhered to. Getting back to financial stability requires some of the “most conscious” efforts and steps in life. Adherence and sincerity will always lead to breakthrough, and finally, victory.

Bad credit repair:

Bad credit repair seems to be the most talked about method of resolving the problems associated with bankruptcy, like a low credit score.

Bad credit repair is done by different credit repair agencies or financial companies to help bankrupt individuals raise their credit score and achieve an appreciable financial stability again.

The process starts with a critical assessment of the bankrupt’s financial history and credit state, and then workable methods are deducted from the assessment to improve the bankrupt’s credit score and financial image. Some companies may not bad-credit-repair the financial problems of some individuals if reasons for bankruptcy and low credit score and not properly disclosed or are traced to “financial dishonesty”.

You can get lists of credit repair agencies or companies from the Internet through a search using Google, Yahoo, or any other good search engine.


Whether you have being accepted for bad credit repair or have discovered a system to raise your low credit score and brighten your financial image, the application of wisdom on your finances is inevitable.

Nobody became bankrupt overnight. It happened gradually from unnecessary expenses to wrong financial decisions, and then to borrowing “unreasonably” beyond one’s ability. All these summed up to what led into bankruptcy and then a very low credit score.

A wise man with a passion to return to financial stability again will take note of some of these actions that led to bankruptcy and low credit score, and ensure there is no repetition of them.

Nobody plans for bankruptcy, and it is true that sometimes situations pose themselves with a bright light and decisions are taken quickly. If individuals would seek financial advice from experts before taking some major financial steps, they may never get into a situation where bankruptcy becomes an option.

In your quest to raise your credit score, proper financial planning is a requisite needed for success.