How to Reduce Entertainment Costs

Entertaining oneself or others does not need to be expensive endeavor. It does not matter what you are into, there is always a cheaper route. Below are several different options that vary in entertainment mediums but are all similar in that they are low in cost to free in price range.

Online Streaming

Nowadays, there are a few services that allow you to stream content online of both movies and television shows. Such services are Netflix, which allows not only online streaming as an option, but borrowing DVDs as well, and Hulu. For Hulu, there are two options, regular Hulu and Hulu Plus. The former is free while the latter costs several dollars every month. Hulu allows you to watch current shows in its current season as well as movies and animes.

Netflix is a pay-for only service that has several payment tiers depending on what you want. You can go DVD-only or online streaming-only, or a mixture between the two. The selection depends on what you are into, but there is a wide range of movies and television shows, as well as animes and foreign features.


Whether it is watching cute cats do their thing or listening to your favorite song or artist, Youtube has you covered. There are millions of videos of all types on this site to help entertain you.

Free Online Games

There are plenty of free online games on the internet. Some sites for simple games are,, (which is where you can play Robot Unicorn Attack),, and many more.

There are also MMOs you can play that have no monthly fees, like Guild Wars 2.

Public Library

Your public library has grown in the recent years. They not only possess fiction and non-fiction books, but CDs and DVDs as well that you can borrow. Some libraries also possess the ability to allow you to borrow ebooks, access wi-fi within the library, and use computers enabled with the Internet to browse or to print. The best part is that most of these features are free, barring the ability to print and that is not expensive.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for entertaining yourself in the library. It just depends on what you want to do. If you need help finding a particular item to satisfy what you want, ask a librarian. They are there to help.

Free Ebooks

Public libraries are not the only source for free ebooks to read. Project Gutenberg has many classics that are free for you to download. If you are more inclined towards reading romantic stories of a more sexual nature, Ellora’s Cave has free or discounted ebooks that change from time to time.

See The Sights Of Your City

Within this category, there are several options you can go with to entertain yourself. Whether you are an outdoorsy type or into events that take place indoors. One good way to find events that are happening within your city is to check out Yelp. If there is a Yelp community in your city or town, then events and parties will be listed that you could go to. Some are free and many of them are fun, and they are there for you to join. Yelp also lists some businesses that have deals and discounts if you check in using a Yelp app on your phone.

Another good thing about Yelp is that it helps you to locate both indoor and outdoor places to go. Are you interested in an art gallery or a museum? What about a park to go running in or a public swimming pool? Yelp can help you find it and the reviews/ratings will help you with making a decision.