How to Reduce your Debt Fast

How to reduce your debt fast seems almost impossible, right?  Not being able to control our finances, not being able to pay our bills anymore will, without a doubt, take toll on our health and the health of our relationships.  It can ruine our entire life.  Take charge of your finances and get rid of your debt the smart way.  It means that you will make sacrifices.  These sacrifices are only temporary though and can prevent a big disaster.

One:  You need to make more than just minimum payments.

Two: You need to stop purchasing products and services with your credit cards and stay within your budget.

Three: If your present job won’t help you get out of debt even though you have implemented step 1 and 2, you need to find yourself an additional part-time job until you have reduced your debt a great deal.

In order for you to become debt-free, you need to get into the habit of making more than just minimum payments.  If you have more than just one credit card, consider making minimum payments on all obligations such as home mortgage, car payment, etc.  Then you choose one credit card, preferably the one with the highest interest rate.  This will be the card that you will pay off as fast as you can.  It will become your priority.  Once that card is paid off you can then focus on your next-to-be-paid-off card.  If you don’t do it that way you will never seriously get out of debt and you will spend tons of money on interest that you could invest somewhere else.

Stop making purchases with your credit cards or store cards. Remove all credit and store cards out of your wallet. You either pay for it with your hard-earned cash or you simply don’t buy it.  Don’t take all your cash out of your bank account though just to buy that new outfit or that high-definition TV.  You still need money for food, general bills, gasoline, etc.  Stay within your budget.  This is extremely important.  If you don’t have a budget, then make one and follow it.

A lot of people truly feel as though they are just living paycheck to paycheck.  This is often due to the fact that they just have too much debt.  In order for them to get out of debt they need more money.  Some people say that when you have more money you also spend more money.  This is true for those who don’t know how to follow their budget and save up money.  In order for you to get out of debt you probably will need to find yourself a temporary part-time job allowing you to make larger payments.  It is important though:  Don’t spend more money just because you make more money now.  Pay off one credit card after the other with that extra cash. 

If you are serious about your financial future and want to become debt-free, follow these steps.