How to Reduce your Electric Bill in Summer

Summer brings sunshine, warmth and longer hours of daylight. All of these should help to reduce your electricity bill quite substantially. The most obvious saving is from the hours of daylight. When it is bright outside, it is hardly necessary to turn on electric lights. Keep these turned off until you really need them.

The long warm days provide an opportunity to spend more time outdoors. Make the most of it! Entertain in the garden. Plan a few barbecues for your family and friends. When spending time out in the open there is hardly a need to use electricity at all. Heating water with an electric geyser or boiler can make up a major part of your electric bill. The amount will vary according to how much hot water you use, the number in the household and so on, but the cost of that hot water could be as much as half of your electricity account.

Solar water heating provides a viable alternative to electricity. Of course there is a cost involved, but most countries provide some form of subsidy to help cover that cost. Once the system has been installed, you should experience a dramatic drop in your electricity account. Of course this will vary depending on where you live. If you have a lot of hot sunshine then the solar heating could pay for itself in less than two years.

Typically, winter heating costs are transformed into air-conditioning costs when the weather becomes warm. Again, this will depend upon where you live. The good news is that the new generation of air conditioners are not only highly effective but are energy efficient. Older units were not only expensive to buy, but were power hungry devices. Most domestic air conditioners have become much more affordable and use very little power to run. Always remember that when you are not at home, there is no need for air conditioning. This fact also applies to the majority of home appliances.

If you are not ready to replace a high cost unit, perhaps look at alternatives such as open windows to create a fow of air through the home. There is one more rule to save the electricity account that can be applied throughout the year. If you are not using it, switch it off! It is amazing how many rooms are illuminated at all times even when no one is there to benefit. TVs play for themselves. Remember too, that even when an appliance is turned off, it is usually still costing money. Turn it off at the plug. Summer provides an opportunity to spend more time outdoors. There is much less need to use electricity. Make the most of it.