How to Reduce your Grocery Bill with Store Specials

Everyone buys groceries, but not everyone knows how to save money while buying them. There are many ways to reduce your grocery bill with store specials. Most of these tips take very little effort and will bring big savings over time.

* Grocery Store Preferred Customer Cards *

Many grocery stores offer a preferred customer card. These reward plans are free to join and will help you save money at that particular grocery store. Often, these cards can also be tied in to a local public school, so you can help your schools raise money just by paying your normal grocery bill.

While shopping, you will notice tags on items that are a lower price for people who have the preferred customer card. These store specials last for a limited time and are often a very good deal, sometimes even buy one get one free. Save money by stocking up on your favorite non-perishable groceries whenever they are offered as a store special.

Grocery stores may also offer additional store specials for shoppers with a preferred customer card. They may have periodic give aways where you can save money or earn valuable items simply by buying groceries at their grocery stores at least once a week during the time of the promotion. Or perhaps they will offer deals where you buy a certain number of an item, such as a gallon of milk, and receive the next one free.

To sign up, you can usually ask any cashier in the grocery store, or stop by the customer service counter. You will be given a card that looks like a credit card. Show it at check-out to save money on store specials. Stores often give a smaller plastic card to keep on your key ring. If you go to many different grocery stores, you can keep all of your discount cards together on a key ring and save money every place you shop.

* Grocery Store Coupons and Weekly Sales *

Most grocery stores promote certain sale items each week. These store specials are advertised in a weekly circular and online. If you have signed up for a preferred customer card, you can save money by signing up for periodic emails that tell you about the current store specials. You may also join a mailing list to receive store coupons in the mail.

To cut down on impulse buying, you should always bring a shopping list with you to the grocery store. Check through your cabinets and refrigerator while making out a list. Look for store specials online or in a weekly circular before making out your shopping list.

Check with your favorite grocery stores to find more ways to save money. Do they double coupons? Do they accept coupons from other grocery stores as well as those from their own? Also check to see if they price match. Some stores will sell you groceries at a competitor’s price if you bring in an ad showing their store specials.

* Reusable Shopping Bags and Bottle Returns *

Sometimes bringing reusable cloth grocery store bags will let you help the environment and save money. Some grocery stores will give you a small discount, such as $0.05 per bag, for choosing reusable bags over plastic or paper ones.

If you live in one of the few states that accept bottle returns, you can also get a little cash by bringing your used beer, soda, juice, or other marked bottles back to the grocery store. This promotes recycling and helps you save a bit on your grocery bill.

Signing up for a preferred customer card, knowing about store promotions, and looking at the store specials while planning your grocery list can help you save money each time you visit the grocery store.