How to Remove Debt from your Life Special Offers Cut up your Credit Cards

When you spend more than you earn or when you make impulsive financial choices (such as buying that expensive leather jacket that matches your  leather boots even if you have to work overtime for a year to pay it off) then debt is just around the corner. In order to remove debt from your life you need to take some drastic measures.

How to remove debt from your life

Cut up your credit cards

Plastic money does not really belong to you and maybe this is the reason why it is so easy to overspend. In addition, knowing that only the minimum payment is required of you per month makes you think it is okay if you occasionally cross the line, the thing is though that it is very difficult to know where to stop that way. By cutting up your credit cards you  will not get tempted to use them and will be able to focus only on paying them off.

Pay more than minimum payment on credit cards and loans

Paying more than the minimum payment  on credit cards and loans will help you reduce the balance and pay off the debt a lot sooner than you would have, had you paid just the minimum payment which covers basically the interest.

Increase your income

Increasing your income will help you pay a bigger amount for your expenses and possibly even saving an amount as well. Sell old or used  items on sites such as Ebay and Amazon, mow the neighbour’s lawn, babysit your friend’s kids, or do any other part time job that you feel you will be good at  to earn some extra cash quickly. Turning your hobbies into jobs can be proven to be profitable as well. If  you like building websites, maybe  you can start doing this professionally for friends who in turn  will introduce you to other friends.  If you write funny, catching  quotes you may start writing for ads or e-greeting cards.

Take advantage of anything free

By searching constantly for free stuff such as free books, free magazine and newspaper subscriptions, free coupons and free tickets for your entertainment, slowly but gradually you will manage to save an important amount of money . Listening to  music, watching movies and reading on the Internet   are also all free and can save on  your electricity bill as well.

Special offers

When buying in the supermarket,  opt for bulk buying of family size when it comes to products you frequently use since they are offered at low prices and in larger quantity at the same time. Take advantage of the two for the price of one offers in everything. Collect and use discount coupons. on a regular basis. Trade stuff with neighbours and friends instead of purchasing new ones.

Removing debt from your life is  an attainable goal provided you will show the necessary discipline and persistence that is required from the beginning to the end.