How to Remove Ingrown Hair from Hispanic Skin

Laser hair removal is one of the best and safest options to effectively and permanently remove the unwanted hair on your body. However, this method is not for everyone. There are certainly many really good candidates for this ingrown hair removal technique but unfortunately, men and women of Hispanic origin are not suitable for it.

Most of people of this ethnicity tend to have brown or darker skin tones which have high levels of melanin that make it more difficult and complicated to be treated with laser technology. Since the laser method works by targeting the melanin pigments contained within the hair, there is a high risk that the skin and the underlying layers will also be affected. So, for this reason, many Hispanics practise various other hair removal treatment alternatives for their problematic body hair. Besides those home remedies for getting rid of ingrown hair, here are some hair removal products suited for the Hispanic skin type:

1. LightSheer Diode Laser System

Though laser technology may not be totally suited to the dark skin types found in many Hispanics, it is not impossible for them to use this mode of treatment. This laser system offers breakthrough technology to effectively reduce the unwanted body hair on all types of skin particularly those having a dark skin tone. It is the only laser hair removal system to be cleared by the FDA as absolutely safe on all skin types. Unlike other laser hair removal techniques, LightSheer uses state-of-the-art diode technology that penetrates the base of the hair follicle to remove the hair and prevent it from growing back. This laser hair removal procedure is highly proven to be safe, effective and comfortable. It has already helped millions of people to get rid of that unkempt body hair.

2. Me My Elos Syneron Permanent Infra-red Light [IPL] Laser Radio Frequency [Rf] Hair Removal System

Another great method of hair removal for Hispanics is the Me My Elos. It uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Radio Frequency energy combined. With this, it is able to penetrate the skin much deeper in order to destroy the hair follicles, thereby removing the hair and preventing it from growing again. It’s smaller and faster than other at-home hair removal devices, but works better as it enables you to treat a wide area and remove hair really quickly. It is also safe for all skin types – from the very fair to brown or dark brown skin seen in most Hispanics. With the first four treatments, you will see that you have lost up to 90% of your body hair. This system is available at less than $700.

3. SDPL Standard Laser and Intense Pulsed Light System for Dermatology, Skin Treatmenmts, Tattoo Removal age spot removal, skin therapy, hair surgery, light therapy, stretch mark removal, rosacea and more

This method of pulse laser hair removal is capable of addressing unwanted body hair on all skin types including the darker tones of Hispanics. Nd: Yag treats a large area at a time so you will only spend a little of your time on the procedure. It is recommended as safe for those with dark pigmented skin and is proven to cause a longer delay before the hair comes back in the treated areas. However, many women have reported feelings of discomfort and pain during sessions of this hair removal treatment. This system is very expensive at about $2500 per unit.