How to Replace a Lost Medicare Card

There are many ways a person can replace a lost Medicare card. Unfortunately, this can be very involved process and the individual needs a lot of documentation to prove that they are eligible for the program because many people have tried to receive benefits when they do not qualify for government systems assistance. Therefore, the burden falls on the eligible individual to verify their personal individual eligibility.

A person must go to the local Social Security office in their town or state. It is best that they make an appointment before going to be office. Otherwise, this person may be waiting all day to be served. If the original letter of eligibility for the Medicare program is available, this person should bring that letter along with any documentation proving they are eligible for the program.

Sometimes it a person is eligible through the state because of a welfare status claim, they can call the local department of human services office and request another card. The problem with this is that repeated requests for cards can cause the government to investigate the validity of the case.

A person must also bring their Social Security card and a photo ID or their license to verify their identity. This is done so that a person does not run the risk of having his or her identity stolen by another individual. Depending on the office, sometimes verification of personal address is also necessary to keep the identity of the individual secure. This can be done by providing such documents as a copy of a lease or other utility bills in the person’s name that verifies their address. If a person does not have a regular address, they will have difficulty in maintaining their claim that they are eligible for medical assistance.

Depending upon the agent they are working with, they may need to verify their income status. This can be done through bank statements and or verification through the previous year’s tax return. This is because a person’s income is constantly under investigation if they are claiming that they are eligible for Medicare The more documentation that a person has available, the easier it will be to get a replacement card. Whenever possible a person should be prepared to have a piece of paper that will serve as a temporary card until the new card is created and mailed. This process takes approximately six weeks.

Unfortunately, dealing with the government can be a very intimidating process. It is important that any person applying for a new card because they lost the previous card know all of their rights before going to the office so that they are not misled.