How to Resist Impulse Spending Impulse Spending Impulse Purchases Avoid Overspending

Many people have trouble controlling their spending urges. Whenever something catches their attention, they absolutely need to buy it.  The temptation is too big for them to resist. No matter how much they know they are going to regret it later, they go through with it anyway. Luckily, there are some ways to resist impulse spending without trying too hard for it.

How to resist impulse spending

1. Find something constructive to do

If you realise that you resort to impulse spending in an attempt to feel better, it is time to figure out ways to do something constructive with your time. Finding something constructive to do will stimulate your brain and will help you learn a lot in the process. Go to the gym, take an online course, redecorate your room, make scrapbooks with old photos, pain walls, read books, listen to soundtracks that can help you relax. Have a whole list prepared so that you won’t have to waste any time and energy looking for something to do. Over time, you will see the impulse spending will become a distant memory.

2. Keep a journal

If you make impulse purchases whenever you are in a bad mood, a great way to control yourself is to keep a journal. Use a journal to express your deepest feelings and thoughts in your own way, to your heart’s content. Lashing out will give your negative energy a healthy, creative outlet and you won’t need to buy new things to feel better temporarily.

3. Carry with you only a small amount of cash

Too many people tend to overspend by making purchases on impulse, because they carry their credit cards with them all the time. If you get into the habit of carrying cash with you, you will be able to spend only what you can really afford, and not a penny more. For even better results, carry with you only a small amount of cash each and every time you go shopping. That way, not only will you manage to avoid overspending, but you will probably end up spending even less than you originally planned. You will be forced to look for lower prices and over time, this will become a habit.

4. Wait a day

Another way to resist impulse spending, is to train yourself to wait a day before making any purchases. Take some time  to go to different stores and  compare prices and then give yourself a day to make your final decision. More often than not you will not buy anything after all. Even if you do buy something in the end, having given yourself a day to think about it, you will have made a wise decision.

Impulse spending can be beaten by following the above easy, practical tips. Incorporate them in your daily life and your spending habits will significantly improve.