How to Save at the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping can be a huge expense these days but it doesn’t have to be. Having a plan and putting a little more thought into purchases can save money on grocery shopping.

Be prepared 

Being unprepared when visiting the grocery store can lead to impulse buying, which means people tend to buy a product without putting much though into it. Many times these items are left unused and wasted.

Preparing a shopping list before leaving for the grocery store is a great way to avoid impulse purchases. Make a plan of meals for the upcoming week and note down ingredients which need to be bought. Could coupons be used when purchasing certain items? Place coupons with the list so they are not left behind.

Don’t go to the store hungry. A growling stomach will encourage a shopper to buy to satisfy hunger rather than items which may be more practical. 

At the store 

It’s a great idea to have a good look around the store rather than rushing through and missing the bargains. Saving small amounts by comparing prices carefully can add up to big savings. Beware of specials, products on special are usually a little cheaper than usual but not necessarily the best value for money.

Often, grocery stores will place specials at the end of the aisle to entice customers and discourage them from walking down the aisle to a cheaper product. Or the store may simply have an excess of a certain product and decrease the price to remove stock. Also, buying in bulk is not always the cheapest way. Sometimes buying two items separately will be cheaper than buying the bigger size. 

Try to stick to the items on the list as much as practical and have coupons ready at the check out. Check the items on the list to the items on the receipt before leaving the store in case any errors have been made at the checkout. 

At home 

Planting a small vegetable garden or growing vegetables and herbs in pots will have a small start up cost but save money in the long run. 

Using left overs to make soups, sauces, stews and extra meals will contribute towards saving money on grocery shopping. 

Dining out can be saved for special occasions. When eating out, many people order food which is over priced and over portioned. Therefore, eating and spending a lot more than at home. 

Grocery shopping is an activity people must do but following these simple steps on a regular basis can contribute towards big savings at the grocery store.