How to Save Big Money by Making Small changes

It is a fact that these days, everyone is trying to figure out ways to make their money stretch further. What you may not realize is that by cutting down on some of the “small” expenses, you can actually end up saving a good chunk of change.

*Morning coffee. Most people that enjoy their morning cup of java do not see it as a waste, but more of a necessity. How much money does that cup of coffee cost you each morning on the way to work? $4? $5? At $4 a cup, that is $80 a month! That is at least one tank of fuel, if not two, depending on what kind of vehicle you own. You can save that money by making coffee at home and taking it with you on your commute to work. Most coffee makers can be preset to brew at a certain time, therefore you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee every morning! By making coffee at home, you also save time off of your commute by not having to stop and wait in line to order your coffee. 

*Pack a lunch. Think about how much you spend on your lunch each day. For easy math, call it $5 per day. That is $100 a month! Pack a lunch at home and take it with you. Yes, it may sound silly, but saving $100 a month is not so silly. Think about it another way: fast food is not healthy for you, most of it is greasy and high in lots of things that are just plain yucky like sodium and fat. 

*Turn off the lights. Utilities have gone up just about everywhere. When you are not in a room, turn off the light. A standard sixty watt light bulb can cost up to thirty-five dollars a year to operate! That is just one bulb! This may not seem like much, but then why do people get so upset when their electric bill is over a hundred dollars per month?

*Stop buying name brand products. Many people seem to think if the item does not have a well known brand name stamped on it, it is less quality. This is insanity in most cases. Why in the world would you willingly spend $4 for a loaf of bread that you can get for $2? The same principle applies for everything from canned soup to dresses. Shop for the best deals people! It makes no sense to pay more for an item you can get cheaper in an off brand.  

*Stop paying for things you do not use like magazine subscriptions. It is actually how many people pay for magazine subscriptions that they do not even read! Whether it is a habit to pay for them, or too “busy” to cancel the subscription, it is rather odd to continue throwing money out the window. Are you really too busy to save money?

Saving money is as simple as shutting off a light and brewing coffee at home. Think about some of your habitual spending, how much can you save by changing a few small habits? The answer is quite a bit.