How to Save Big on little Things

Many people think about what they are spending and saving on larger purchases but small purchases can add up quickly also. A dollar or two here and there does not seem like a big deal but they can add up to be a considerable amount. This is one reason it is important to track your spending to keep track of money drains.

Water and coffee

It is quick and convenient to stop for coffee but you can make many more cups at home or work for what you pay for one cup at a coffee shop. If you are able to keep them cold, you can save a lot of money by buying water and soda in bulk packages instead of buying individually at a store.

Convenience items

In some instances you may need to purchase convenience items but can save money by making or packaging your own. One way to do this is buy a larger package of chips, crackers, cookies, etc., and package in individual serving sizes.

Also, with produce you will pay considerably more for items that are already chopped or prepared. You will need to take into consideration how long it would take you to do the preparation and see if it is worth the extra money you would be spending.

Brown bag It

You can save considerable money by taking your lunch to work at least a couple days a week. Besides saving money on lunch you are also using up items that may have otherwise been thrown out. When you are cooking something for your evening meal, make a little bit more so you have leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

Cook at home or eat out

Many people don’t think they have time to cook and eat at home. There are several ways to save time and money such as using a crock pot or freezer cooking. When you consider the extra time you spend waiting in the restaurant and the extra money it costs to dine out it may make sense to start cooking more at home. 

Some resources show that it costs more to cook at home, but in most of these cases they show the costs of buying each item you will need. In many cases, and unlike paying more for each meal out, the items are used for more than one meal and the meal will feed more than one person.

It is easy to save big when you pay attention to what you are spending on small expenses.