How to Save Big on Small Stuff

When you are considering making a large purchase, you may do research to get the best price. It is also important to consider the cost when you are making small purchases. A dollar or two here and there may not seem like a big deal, but they add up over time.

One way to watch your spending is to track your expenses for a week or month.  Write down everything you spend money on, and at the end of the week you can see where your money is actually going. It is also a chance to consider what expenses could be cut down on or cut out completely. This is especially true when using cash as it can disappear from your wallet in small amounts, and at the end of the week you may not be sure where it all went.

You may be able to save a considerable amount by using coupons and buying items when they are on sale. If you find items on sale that you use regularly, stock up to last a few months. This will save you money and also time from not needing to make a special trip when you run out of the item. A dollar or less for using a coupon may not seem like a big deal but when used with a sale price you may be able to get some items for free or almost free.

Consider how much you are spending on eating out. Is it possible to take your lunch to work? Brown bagging doesn’t need to be boring. If you have leftovers from the night before it may be easy to take them for lunch and save the money from going out. There are many ideas online for taking your lunch that don’t include a boring sandwich.

One way to save on dining out is to menu plan. If you sit down once a week and plan your meals for the week it will save you both time and money. If you know what you are making each day, you can do all or most of the shopping in one trip. This will reduce the temptation of impulse purchases each time you go to the store. Also, if you have something planned it may reduce the temptation of going our or stopping for takeout.

Although it is important to do research when making large purchases, it is also important to consider the small expenses.