How to Save Big on Small Stuff

Saving money is a concern for many people today. Some people are trying some pretty drastic measures just to save a buck. The fact is, there a several small things you can save on everyday. These are the things you use or do without a second thought.

* Coffee

You know how much you enjoy your morning coffee beverage? Try this: sit down with a piece of paper and add up how much you spend each month on that coffee. Now let that number soak in for a little bit. Okay, now think about that number times twelve (months). The average coffee house charges $4 for a medium sized coffee to go, so one a day for 20 days per month averages out to $80. That works out to about $960 a year! That is more than some people pay a year for car insurance. Imagine the numbers if your favorite coffee costs more per cup than this example. Yikes! The solution is to start making coffee at home. Use your own travel mug and tote your own special brews with you when you leave home. This simple idea can also save you time in the mornings because you will no longer have to stand in line and wait for someone else to get your coffee. If you do not want to get up early to make your coffee, then make it the night before and set the timer to brew at a certain time. Imagine the joy of waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. You can add little flavor enhancers and create homemade coffee treats cheaper than buying them at the coffee house.

* Home cooking

Stop eating out at restaurants and fast food joints. The foods served at these establishments are not nearly as healthy as what you can make at home, plus they are more expensive. Just like with the coffee, sit down and add up how much you spend on eating out per day/week. The actual dollar amount could be quite shocking. Yes, it might seem more convenient to eat out, but is it really? You have to get dressed up, drive to the place and then wait to order your food and then wait longer to get your food. Buying fresh ingredients and preparing meals at home can be fun as well as save you a nice chunk of change. 

* Quit the gym

It is wonderful that you are health conscious and go to the gym to workout. How much does that gym membership cost per month/year? Cut out this unnecessary expense and start working out at home. Take the same amount of time you spend at the gym and workout, walk, jog or any other form of exercise you can think of, for free. It is true that you may not have the same exercise machines in your home, however you do not need them! With a little research, you can create a workout that is just as effective as your gym workout routine, right in the comfort of your own home or backyard.

* Cut cable

Watching your favorite shows on TV might be a good way to unwind after a long day, however the money you spend on cable could be put to better use. Consider a Netflix account (only $7.99 a month) or other forms of viewing television shows and movies. There are some websites that offer limited programming for free via their website (no box, no TV, no bill required). There is also the option of taking up a different way to relax and unwind like reading a book, playing board games with the family (or friends) or writing. Face it, cable TV is a luxury, not a necessity. 

* Repair/maintain appliances and electronics

Instead of throwing out appliances that are broken, try getting them fixed. Some appliances and electronics require simple repairs and can be preformed easily yourself, for only the cost of a replacement part. Please observe safety and read the owners manual before attempting repairs and if it is too complicated, or potentially dangerous, then seek the help of a professional. Repairing the appliances and electronic devices you already own is a lot cheaper than running out and buying brand new ones. The other side to this tip is to properly maintain the things you have to ensure longer life of the item. Why buy new things if you do not need to?

These are just examples of the many ways you can save money on the little things. These are also things you may not even think about very often as far as how much money you spend on them each day/week/month. You will be amazed at how making these small changes can save you a noticeable amount of money.