How to Save Cash on Twitter

Twitter might strike you as simply a passing fad for people that have too much time on their hands. In fact, if you’re turning your back on Twitter, then you might be missing an opportunity to stretch your monthly budget a little bit further.

When mastered in the right way, Twitter can, in fact, serve many purposes. It’s a micro-blogging tool, which connects users in simple, short messages (tweets) of 140 characters or less. What that means is that communication and information is highly focused and highly accessible – and that means that there are money-saving opportunities to be had.

Follow the brands you love

Most brands now have a strong Twitter presence. Follow those brands and you could be connected to offers and deals that you would otherwise have missed. Twitter’s potential reach makes it a great marketing opportunity for brands and businesses of all sizes and in order to capiltalize on the benefits of online business, much of the marketing that takes place is restricted to Twitter. Special offers, free gifts, pre-release access and more can all be found by following and responding to the brands and businesses you like.

Follow the money-saving gurus

The chances are that you can find an expert in any subject on Twitter and that includes saving money. The more you search, the more you are likely to find, and as you find the right people to follow, you will start to connect with a broader and broader network of like-minded individuals. Twitter users share information about limited-time coupons and discounts, for example, and the speed with which the details are passed around Twitter means that you stand a better chance of getting to the front of the queue is any of those deals are limited in number. Remember to share what you know with others too. Twitter is, after all, intended to be a social experience.

Target your tweets

The Bankrate website recommends that you specifically target your tweeting efforts to attract attention to the deals that you want to find. Looking for a cheap hotel in a particular city or even a particular hotel? Send a tweet to the company or companies that can help you and see what they can come up. Be speculative and use hashtags and keywords. Remember that most big businesses now have dedicated resource, which monitors what customers are saying on Twitter. Use the right hashtags and you could find those businesses keen and willing to get in touch with you and help you find what you want at the right price.

Benefit from free advice and information

Twitter is a great way to direct you to the information that you are looking for, sometimes in a way that Google cannot assist you with. Searching on a particular term on Google may direct you to an article, but professionals and experts on Twitter love to be consulted about their subject matter experience. By following and engaging with the right people you could get business, financial or legal advice, promptly and in a way that helps you maintain an ongoing relationship with a real person.

Don’t underestimate the value of expertise

Your Twitter account stands a chance of being connected to a much better group of people if you connect based on a specific area of knowledge. If you are a keen traveler, for example, then a Twitter account devoted specifically to travel helps you get right into the thick of things. The Brooklyn Nomad, for example, highlights ten Twitter account that can help you save money on travel. These could be lost within one generic account. Twitter’s rules allow you to have different accounts, so why not spread your interests over different Twitter user names?

Saving money on Twitter is not the digital equivalent of cutting out a coupon, but if you are willing to invest time, energy and interest then you could still save a small fortune. Leverage the opportunities in the right way and use Twitter to generate genuine savings.

Image: Cosmetic Surgeon