How to Save Money

The quick and easy way to save money, is to really spend less of it. That is easier said than done of course, but with a little tweaking and prudent calculation, that might become a reality and turn that pittance of savings into a goldmine for latter years. Here are three simple and common ways that can help lower unnecessary spending on a month on month basis, and by the end of the first month, there should already be some positive balance in the bank.

Spend less on movies. It can be pretty tempting to go watch one, especially if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in acting together. Popular actors and actresses will always be starring in this or that movie, the key to saving money is to avoid the new releases and wait for the DVD later, sometimes these titles get released right after the screening ends at the box office. By not physically going to the movies, expenditures that would otherwise have occurred as a result is now avoided. Transportation for example, be it petrol or taking the bus. More importantly the money saved on the movie tickets for the family, which can be pretty hefty depending on which nights are peak period. If it is the weekend, chances are, it is going to be very expensive. Also, there is no need to buy that expensive soft drink and popcorn combo.

Eat out less often. This can be really challenging for employees working long hours. Opt for the home cooked meal instead. There is more nutritional value in having home cooked food than having that take-out meal that would have cost a good twenty dollars. Eat out only when it is necessary like entertaining friends or company after work gatherings. Anything apart from that, it is wiser to eat at home. Money is saved when groceries are bought in bulk at the supermarket or the local groceries store. Work out the menu for the week, or follow Julia Child’s very own cookbook. It is definitely beneficial to the body and the difference in taste is unmistakable.

Shop less. That is a horrid thought for some ladies, especially if they have to cut back on their shopping. But the reality of shopping is, they will more than likely buy two or three items on top of what they originally intended to buy. By cutting back on the number of shopping trips to the mall, can help save money as well. An alternative to shopping at the store, is to go on-line and shop at the click of a button. The products are usually delivered to the home, and there is usually no fuss with car parking, or transporting the items back home.

These are the three big ticket items that eats away at the monthly disposable income. With a little self-control, and a lot of gritting of teeth, saving money can be a piece of cake.