How to Save Money at Babies r us

Babies R Us is like the oasis in the desert for many soon-to-be-moms.  They may spend hours at a time in this store of everything baby, drinking in the sights of adorable baby clothing, fascinating toys and innovative gear.  One can (and often does) spend a lot of money in such a store, and the purchases can add up quite rapidly.  If you are looking to save money at this popular store, consider the following strategies.

Look for sales

Babies R Us offers many sales.  These can often be significant, and you might be able to save quite a bit.  If you know exactly what you want, then you can wait until that particular item goes on sale.  If you are not sure, then you can just target the items that are currently being offered with discounts.  They will often have ads in the newspaper or on their website that will share what items are currently on sale.  Also, sometimes they will have special events in which you can bring in a certain old baby item like an old car seat and get a discount on a new one, often 20% off.

Look at their clearance section

Babies R Us offers a lot of clearance items.  This is especially true when they are changing the season of clothing.  They will often have them on specific racks.  They will have different events in which the clearance is marked down even more.  Sometimes they will have a deal that if you buy one clearance item, you will get a second item for next to nothing.  They will also often clearance out items related to a holiday once the holiday has passed.

Look for coupons

Babies R Us comes out with a lot of coupons.  These can often save you a lot of money.  If you get on their mailing list, they might mail them to you.  You can sometimes get them for future dates when you are at the store.  Also, you should sign up to be on their e-mail list via their website.  They will often e-mail out coupons via the web that you can print out and use at the store.  Also, they will accept some other manufacturer’s coupons.

Babies R Us is a wonderful store at which to purchase all sorts of items for a new baby, toddler or small child.  Consider the above ideas to help save money at this popular shopping destination.