How to Save Money at the Bar

There are seasoned drinkers and social drinkers alike, all over the world, who would dearly love to know how to save money at the bar. Like most other things in this world, the price of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks seems to be increasing beyond the level of inflation and particularly if buying several drinks, the bill can sometimes be quite staggering.

The first and perhaps most obvious way in determining how to save money at the bar is in considering which bar one visits. It can be astounding how the different prices will compare in two bars located virtually next door to one another. This may of course relate to such as entertainment provided within the bar and that the bar prices reflect the cost of same but this need not necessarily be the case. Particularly with regards to your home town or city, it is always worth exploring prices around the area, either by visiting different bars in person, or simply by asking around among friends and acquaintances.

Bar prices will very often be drastically more expensive for such as imported beers. This is especially likely to be true when the imported beers are served in bottles as opposed to being served on draught. Substituting an imported beer for an equally acceptable domestic one can therefore make a huge difference to the bar bill. It may not even be the quality of the beer which you are paying for, rather the import duties and even the trendy name which the beer has acquired among the “in” crowd.

Bars – just like any other retail outlet – are conscious of the need to be competitive, especially in such difficult economic times as have arise in the wake of Credit Crunch in 2008. This means that many bars are offering special discounts in a variety of forms. This may relate to a certain time of the day or evening, where drinks are either sold cheaper or such as two for one offers are available. It could equally relate to promotions on special drinks only which are available for a limited period at reduced prices. It is always worth having a look around the bar area, or even on the tables, for details of any such offers which are ongoing.

Many bars make their biggest profit margin from soft drinks as opposed to alcoholic ones. This means that the mixer for a drink may represent a sizeable increase in the price of a drink. Consider the possibility of sharing a mixer therefore between two, or even settling for a cheaper variety instead of the brand name.

The final consideration as regards how to save money at the bar is the one which many may find the most painful: that is quite simply to have a drink or two less than usual!