How to Save Money at Toys r us

Your children may view Toys R Us as a feast for the eyes.  With aisle after aisle of toys for both the young and old, most could fill up not one but many shopping carts.  Of course, if you are also one of the many Americans who does not have unlimited funds, you will want to save money any way you can.  The following are tips for saving at this popular kid’s store.

Look for sales

The sales offered at Toys R Us can be quite impressive.  Sometimes they will give a discount while other times you will get something for free with the purchase of a specific product.  For instance, they have had sales that if you buy one pack of Crayola crayons you will get two free!  Board games also go on substantial sales as well.  They have amazing sales on certain days and at certain times of the year.  For instance, you will find amazing deals on Black Friday, the big shopping day that is the day after Thanksgiving.  They have many specials on other holiday weekends as well.

Look for coupons

Toys R Us comes out with many different coupons.  They will often have these in their sales advertisements that come out with the Sunday newspapers.  Near the winter holidays, they will often mail out a big booklet with many coupons.  Also, they will accept many manufacturer’s coupons, which can save you money as well.  For instance, there are usually coupons out for products such as diapers, which you can purchase at this store.

Join their e-mail list

Toys R Us has an e-mail list that you can get on.  They will e-mail you their flyers so that you can know in advance the sales that are going on.  Also, sometimes they will even e-mail you out coupons that you can use.  You can find a lot of information on their website.

Look for items on clearance

Toys R Us has very big clearance sales.  This might especially happen with seasonal toys when they are clearing them out such as little wading pools after the summer season.  You might literally save most of the cost of these items. 

Toys R Us is a great place to shop for toys of all types.  Part of saving money there is also making sure that you only get the items that you actually need.  Do not give in to every one of your child’s – or your – whims.  Use the above tips to help you save.