How to Save Money by Brown Bagging your Lunch

Brown bagging your lunch can be a wonderful way to save money. Eating out can be extremely expensive. There are many ways that you can easily pack your lunch for cost savings.

Look for low cost foods

You can still have healthy, delicious and easy to make foods when you put it in a brown bag. For instance, look to healthy fruits and vegetables that do not cost too much. You can make yourself some sandwiches. Instead or purchasing chips and snacks in readymade snack packs make your own by distributing big packs into smaller bags, or even better reusable containers so that you do not have to waste the bags. If you do not want to have to spend a lot of time doing this every day, then you can make all of them for the week in advance or even when you just buy the item.

Bring leftovers

When you cook your dinners you may have leftovers. You can purposely make enough so that you have extra. You can then easily make your brown bag lunch by just putting some of the leftovers into a container to bring to work. You can even make them in a slightly different form if you want something different (i.e. making a sandwich out of the leftovers).

You can even make yourself frozen television dinners to use as brown bag lunches. You can cook yourself a meal and then separate it into different containers. When you are ready to go to work you can just get one of those with an ice pack. Obviously this will work if you have a microwave at work.

You can probably still save money even if you buy the lunches that you will be brown bagging at the grocery store. Many ready made things are still cheaper than going to a restaurant but it can save you the time if that is what is preventing you from bringing a brown bag in the first place.

You can also save a lot of money on drinks. Many places charge two dollars or more for a single drink. Instead you can bring a thermos of water or another drink for nothing or next to nothing. You can buy juice packs or other drinks at great savings to what you would pay when going out to eat.  

You can even save money by brown bagging your lunch in a reusable bag. Not only are you likely to save by bringing your lunch, but there is a good chance that you will eat healthier as well.