How to Save Money Everyday

A penny found is a penny saved.  That is what a wise person always told us growing up.  In this economy, where the unemployment rate is at near double digit numbers and the cost of living soars persistently, saving any sum of money is crucial to financial independence.

In this day and age, it’s much better to be a saver than a spender.  In order to survive in today’s world, you most likely have to change your daily habits to save money.  Following small steps can add more money in your wallet and your bank account over the long term.

Do you purchase the daily specialty coffee as part of your work routine?  Do you spend the change you have in your pocket on a snack during your afternoon coffee break?  Do you go out a lot instead of eating at home?  Revising these practices can assist in your plight to higher savings.

Here are some steps to save money every day.

Pocket Change

In “The Simpsons,” every time Homer Simpson would swear, he would deposit his pocket change into a “swear jar.”  By the end of it all, he accumulated a heavy sum.  Now, we are not encouraging vulgar behaviour, but something similar to a jar for your everyday pocket change is a good idea to save money on a daily basis.

Skip Daily Habits

As mentioned before, a lot of people buy coffee and/or food on a regular basis as part of their weekday routine.  Coffees, especially specialty beverages, like a French Vanilla, are delicious, but they can put a real hindrance on your wallet.  Imagine if you quit spending $2 per day on coffee.  That’s $10 per week, $40 per month and $480 per year.  How much interest could you garner on that $480 if you only invested or saved it?

Finding Change

Yes, it may seem silly at first.  But have you ever calculated how much change you have found on the ground?  Usually, you will find pennies on the ground, but if you keep your eye on the ground, you can find nickels, dimes and quarters – if you’re in Canada then loonies and toonies.  If you’re lucky enough, you could get your hands on cold hard cash.


Most of the time, after a hard day’s work, we want to unwind and relax.  Usually, we sit in front of the television and mindlessly watch commercials and mind-numbing television shows.  If you get rid of your cable subscription, think of the endless things you can do and the money you will save.

Consider opting out of your television and instead going for walks to get exercise, bookstores to have your entertainment, your local movie rental store to watch a picture or to your Internet to watch a show you enjoy.

Avoiding the Credit Card

As with every other budget or savings article, forget your credit card at home.  The major credit card companies, such as Visa and MasterCard, now have a feature where you simply scan your credit card for small purchases, like a newspaper.  This is dangerous for the avid shopper.

Sure, it may seem like only $3.25, but that will add up in interest and you will find yourself saving less and spending more.  Credit cards, at most, should only be utilized for emergencies and not for your everyday items.

Honorable Mentions

Feel peckish?  Bring some nuts with you.

Thirsty?  Bring a water bottle with you everywhere you go.

Need money?  Go to a branch of your bank to avoid the ATM fees.

Feeling lucky?  Do not purchase a lottery ticket, instead save the money that you would’ve spent on a lottery ticket.

Want to eat out?  Create a weekly menu for you and your family.  On Monday, cook pasta.  On Tuesday, make a Salmon Wellington.  So on and so forth.