How to Save Money Everyday

Here are five simple ways to save a bundle. Economic collapse or not, you should never foolishly spend your money. Always look for value, below are some great examples on how to do just that! Saving money need not be painful! Then you can put it away, or utilize the funds to pay down your debt, or even treat yourself and your family to something nice!

Grocery Shopping:

Shopping for sales may sound dreadful. I know, the stores can be crowded, and the amount of time it takes! However, considering the savings you incur, it is highly recommended because this type of activity leads to big savings. For example; when you shop at a discount grocer such as Aldi, or Food 4 Less, or whatever discount stores in your area, you can save a substantial amount of money on many products.

I just purchased Purdue chicken breasts, for .69 cents per pound at a local grocer discount store. Fresh, plump, and delicious! Compared to Jewel this week, 3.59 per pound. I bought 45 pounds, at .69 per pound! I have many chicken recipes, and the meat will last for a long time! Right there, I spent 31.09, and it would have cost me $166.05 for the same exact meat at Jewel! Wow! $166.05, that almost covers the cable , phone, and internet bill!

Stop renting movies:

Stop renting movies at the video store. That is so 1980’s! If you have cable, watch some old movies, they are great too! If you must rent, go to Red Box, they are only $1.00. And no heavy late fees! Also Netflix is also an option, just watch out you can spend more than you want there! The monthly fee is reasonable, but do you really need another bill right now?

Do not auto pay:

Beware of the big ugly ball of tumbling bouncing fees on your checking account, because you forgot about the stupid automated billing, adjustable cycle, and now you have to pay 155.00 in bouncing fees for a .87 cent overdraft? If this is ever a risk, do not auto bill! Make monthly payments, just be careful of automatic withdrawals on your account. The banks are desperate, and more clever than ever when trying to get their hands on money these days! Why did we bail them out? They cry to congress for money, and want pity, but just try and get out of a late fee for a minor overdraft, and there is no mercy!

Save your change!

Get a big jar and start saving all your change. You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up. Stop giving the girl exact change at the drive thru, you need to put it in your savings jar! I usually save a good amount every year, and this is my part of my Christmas budget.

Shop at the dollar stores:

You can save so much money on living essentials here. The cleaning products, home decorations, office supplies, birthday cards, wrapping paper, plastic wear, and paper plates can all be found at the dollar store, plus so much more. You can save hundreds a year shopping here. I mean some serious savings! You do not have to get everything here! Don’t be an extremist! None the less, you will enjoy this activity and the savings that go along with it.

Use any of these tips, and you will save a lot of money every month. Use all of these tips, and you will save a real bundle in no time!