How to Save Money for People who Love Coffee

For some, coffee is a luxury; for others, it’s a necessity.  Whether you simply enjoy the taste of a good cup of joe or you can’t wake up without it, there are several ways that you can save money on coffee without giving up that precious nectar.

– Sign up for newsletters

Many coffee retailers have online newsletters that you can sign up for.  These newsletters often include coupons or discounts that you wouldn’t otherwise receive.  Sign up for an e-newsletter for any store that you buy coffee from; it’s free, it only takes a minute, and it could save you money.

Dunkin’ Donuts has the Dunkin’ UpDDate, which includes special offers and news from the company.  You’ll even get a coupon for a free drink just for signing up, as well as another coupon for a free drink on your birthday.

Other coffee-related companies also offer newsletters with money-saving opportunities.  Coffee-mate and International Delight each have a free newsletter you can sign up for that will deliver deals and coupons right to your inbox.

– Sign up for rewards programs

Many coffee companies have rewards programs for their customers.  Generally, these programs assign you a card or a number, and reward you with free drinks or coupons for discounted drinks once you’ve made a certain number of purchases or spent a certain amount of money.  These programs are almost always free to join, and they are for physical stores as well as online coffee sellers.  Starbucks, Coffee Garden, and Aroma Cafe Culture are just a few of the companies that offer a rewards program.

– Use generic creamer

If you brew your own coffee at home, try a store-brand or generic creamer instead of one of the name-brand creamers.  The store brand is almost always cheaper, and often you won’t even be able to taste a difference.  In addition to creamers, you can go generic on sweeteners as well and save some money.

– Use less flavored creamer

Flavored creamer (hazelnut, French vanilla, etc.) adds a lot of taste to a cup of coffee, but it’s also more expensive than “regular” creamer.  To make your flavored creamer last longer, mix it with non-flavored creamer – not enough to reduce the taste, but enough so that you won’t use up the flavored creamer as fast.  Start with a 70/30 or 80/20 mix to see how it tastes, and go from there.