How to Save Money for that Perfect Honeymoon

Are you trying to save for that perfect honeymoon getaway with your special someone? If you are, here are some strategies that you may find useful to help you pinch your pennies.

If it’s a honeymoon that you are talking about, then the sound of wedding bells is not too far off. Try to cut some expenses when it comes to the wedding budget itself. This may sound like a challenge, but here are a few ways to do so.  

As far as invitations, try making them yourself instead of ordering them from some pricey company. There are many computer programs out there such as American Greetings, which allow you to create your own personal invitations. You can also use internet sites like Ehow to give you more ideas and for tips on how to print your own wedding invitations. Both the programs that you can buy as well as the internet sites will give you ideas for a wonderful finished product. What’s better is that you have added your own personal touch by doing them yourself. To add a finishing touch to your invitations, try something like a rubber stamp of wedding bells on the envelope. Or even punch a hole through the top of the invite itself and string a nice ribbon through it that represents the colors at your wedding.

A second way to save money at a wedding, so you can spend it on your honeymoon, is to make your own wedding favors. This also may sound like a daunting task, but if you make it a fun activity with a lot of people, it can actually be done in less than half a day. Some ideas include making small pouches using tulle and filling them with candy, mints, Jordan almonds etc. This can be done as an assembly line if you have many there to help. One can fill the pouches with the item, as the next ties it with ribbon, then the next attaches a “Thank you for joining us” tag to the ribbon and there you have it. A second favor are homemade candles or soap. The base costs for these products are relatively inexpensive compared to buying already made favors. The best thing about making your own favors is that it is much more personal, as well as the fact that you are saving money for that perfect honeymoon.

As the days draw near to your big day, there are also things you can do everyday to save money as well. Try to make your morning coffee every morning instead of going to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts or your nearest coffee shop. Also, try not to eat your lunch out while you are at work. Bringing your lunch from home save so much money. Try these steps for two weeks, and really be vigilant about keeping your guidelines and be guaranteed you will start to see your piggy bank stash piling up.

Hopefully these ideas help you save for that perfect trip after the big day!