How to Save Money in your Teens Money Saving Tips

Being a teen is often a time of new experiences and exploration.  It’s a time to try new things all the time as well as having the time and freedom to do so.  These are the best years of one’s life.  However, life catches up with everyone very quickly and it is important to prepare yourself as much as possible, especially financially.  When you’re a teen, saving money is not the most exciting thing to think about, but learning important saving techniques early in teen years will go a long way later in life Getting into saving for teens is easy.  Following some simple steps to get one into saving is crucial in order to be a successful saver! 

1.  Set a Goal: By having a clear objective to strive for, you will have a greater chance of being successful in saving money and reaching that goal.  However, making unreachable objectives that are difficult to reach will not help in your saving process and may get you discouraged.  Especially for beginning savers, make sure to make an achievable goal that can be made within your budget. 

2.  Plan it Out:  The second step is to make a plan.  Making a plan will help you budget your money and lay out exactly how you plan to save the amount of money you need to achieve your goal.  This plan may include any spending cuts or sacrifices that one may have to make to their day-to-day living and spending habits. 

3.  Bring on the Savings:  The last step is to initiate saving.  There are many different ways that you can save money.  The best and most secure way is to go to your local bank and open up a separate savings account.  These accounts can be controlled and set up to your current income.  You can have as much or as little control depending on how accessible you want the account to be to yourself, in order to maximize your profit.   For those of you who have a part time job and a constant income of money, you can set up a direct deposit that will take a specified amount of money out of your spending account and transfer it into your savings so that you can increase your savings.  If saving money in the bank is not for you there are other ways to save such as keeping a lock safe box, or just an old-fashioned piggy bank! 

Remember, make saving as easy as you can for yourself.  The easier it is for you to easily save the money, the more likely you will be to save more in the long run.

Following some of these simple steps can help you achieve many of your saving goals, whether it be saving for a first car, or saving for your first year of college.  By following these steps one will become not only successful in saving money, but will learn the value of money, and how important it is to save for whatever life may in future years.