How to Save Money on Electricity

In economic times like these everyone is trying to save as much money as they can each month, many people do not realise that there could be significant money to be saved by taking a good look at your electric bill. Many people simply pay their bills each month without really thinking about the money they could save.

Of course one of the best ways to save money on your bill is to cut down on the amount of electricity you use but before you do that, think about ways you could reduce the amount you pay for the electricity that you use. You may find that simply changing supplier could save you a nice amount of money, with so many companies out there competing for your business you are sure to find a good deal.

With all the price comparison websites out there today changing supplier needn’t be a difficult job. With these comparison sites you simply input your information and they will search for you to find you the best deal available. Also many of these sites will actually help you to switch suppliers so that you don’t have to make calls or fill in forms.

If it turns out that you are in fact with the cheapest supplier for your circumstances you could still find ways to save money on your bill. First off you should check that you are being billed correctly, many companies send out estimated bills rather than actually checking your meter each month. These estimated bills could be higher than your actual usage; a simple call to your supplier should sort this out. It is fairly easy to read your own electricity meter and the company will give you instructions should you need them, call the company with this reading and they should be able to bill you for the actual amount you have used which may be less than your estimated bill.

Once you have made sure that you are with the cheapest company and that you are being billed correctly it is time to think about ways to save on the actual electricity you use. Sure we are all guilty of leaving things on standby now and again but switching appliances off will actually save you electricity and in turn money. Another tip is to only put the amount of water in your kettle that you will actually use, filling your kettle to the top every time you use it means that your kettle will have to work harder to heat all the water than it would to simply heat what you need.

Showers use less water than taking a bath does, and therefore less electricity is used to heat the water. Check the settings on your water heater, it may be that you can set it to only heat water when you are likely to use it, or you can heat your boiler at night for use during the day. Electricity tends to be cheaper during off peak hours, but it is not the same for all companies so do check this with your supplier.

Do you own a tumble dryer? If so do you use it whenever you have done laundry? This can be a bad habit to get into as tumble dryers use a lot of electricity. Try hanging your washing outside on nice days, as well as saving electricity your clothes will smell nice if they are dried in the fresh air. Similarly if you have a dishwasher try waiting until you have enough dishes for a full load as this will mean you have to use it less. If you only have a small amount of dishes to be done then you could always do them the old fashioned way.

There are many tips and tricks you can find to save electricity, and in turn save you money on your bill each month. Make sure that you are getting the best deal available to you, make sure that your bills are correct and try some of these simple tips to reduce your electricity consumption and your bills could be reduced significantly.