How to Save Money on Gas using Software Applications

Applications for vehicles, mobile devices and computers all help save gas dollars at the pump. These applications assist with key gas related scenarios that affect consumption costs. For example, some apps target vehicle performance, while others assist with optimizing driving habits. These apps digitize traditional gas saving techniques in addition to allowing drivers to become better engaged with their vehicle.


Driving in traffic gets expensive when vehicles idle without getting far. Applications that help with traffic redirect motorists around high traffic areas to expedite travel and save on gas. Traffic apps include onboard apps and vehicle features such as Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control by that work with drive sensors to literally reduce traffic. Mobile operating system applications such as Android’s “Traffic Monitor” and iOS’s “Beat the Traffic” also offer gas saving traffic assistance to commuters.


Since vehicle performance affects gas efficiency, applications that monitor and detect mechanical shortcomings also benefit driver’s budgets.  For instance, tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) automatically check tire pressure when the engine is on, and while a vehicle is being driven.  Moreover, vehicle performance apps such as Apple “GoPoint” enables drivers to tap into their vehicle diagnostics data already recorded by metrics built into the vehicle.

Gas prices vary nationally and locally; efficiently locating the cheapest source of gas in one’s immediate vicinity lowers gas expenditures. There are apps for this purpose as well. The “Gas Buddy” mobile application is one such item. Specifically, the Gas Buddy App taps into digital data streams to deliver timely information about where the cheapest gas can be found in a driver’s locale. Additional apps include “Gas Cubby”, and “Cheap Gas” per Mashable. 


Driver networks help drivers pool their resources and share driving information that saves on gas. Although still practiced, car pooling has also gone digital, and there is an app for it. The Apple iPhone version of this application is called “Carticipate,” and facilitates a driver network of locations, availability and schedules in order for motorists to optimize their ride sharing participation. CNET claims Ride Remedy and Avego Driver are apps that serve a similar purpose.

Gas saving applications do not replace things like maintenance, aerodynamic design and engine fuel efficiency, but they do encourage driver awareness of controllable automotive issues that influence fuel economy. To illustrate, Mazda has an application for iPhones called “MyMazda.” This application gives motorists updated information about their vehicle per Mazda. Moreover, service updates, reminder alerts and mechanic appointment scheduling keep drivers on top of issues and maintenance timing so they can both drive safely and optimize fuel efficiency.