How to Save Money on going to the Movies

Even with all the advances in home theatre systems, nothing quite compares to sitting in a perfectly audio enhanced room watching your favourite stars in full size high definition glory doing what they do best. High drama and high entertainment don’t always have to equal high dollars though. A little advance planning will help you save money and perhaps catch a few more shows during the year.

Reward programs: Sign up for loyalty programs that let you accumulate points towards free movies and discounts of up to 10 percent on every snack purchase you make. Remember to make sure every family member has one to rack up the points quicker. Check out any reward cards you already have with department stores or major credit card companies. Many offer movie nights out in exchange for points.  

Coupons and promotions: Theatres always have some kind of cross promotion going. Keep your eye out at the grocery store as cereal and snack companies regularly include “buy one get one free” admission coupons on the inside of boxes. Fast food delivery and big box stores also put out similar promotions that could save you big bucks.

Cheap movie nights: Theatres usually choose one night to offer discount pricing, usually a low traffic night during the week (i.e. Tuesday). Drive-in theatres also follow this practice and advertise “car load nights” where everyone in the vehicle gets in for one set price giving everyone a significant discount.

Drive- ins:  A wonderful way to spend a beautiful warm weather evening, these outdoor theatres usually package 2-3 movies together for the usual price of one movie!  Some drive-ins may also let you bring your own snacks and drinks. Be sure to check the theatre policy before heading out.

Encore theatres: Every larger city usually has a theatre that runs movies just before they hit DVD. Smaller, intimate settings with fewer crowds and half the price of normal admission.

Concession snack packaging: Half the money you spend for your evening will go towards the inevitable snacks that are part of the movie going experience. Opt for popcorn/drink packages that have been prepackaged and discounted. Don’t forget to use your loyalty card for an extra 10 percent off.

Costco movie tickets: This big box wholesaler offers single tickets and family packages for less than what you would pay at the theatre. Pick one or two up and keep them on hand. They don’t expire and save you a decent amount of money.

Next time you head out for an evening or afternoon of cinematic delight, use a few of these tips and you should have enough left over to extend the evening with a stop at your favourite café.