How to Save Money on Greeting Cards

Greeting cards can be very nice to send to people, but they can add up quite easily with the $3 or more price tag many of them carry.  Fortunately, there are many different ways that you can save on greeting cards.  The following are some ways that you might want to try.

Buy from a discount store

There are discount stores that sell greeting cards.  One store that usually has a great set is Costco.  They sell sets of beautiful scrapbook style cards for around $15.  Each one can look like it should be $3 or $4.  In addition, you will find discount cards at many other places such as Wal-Mart and Target.  The dollar store is another great place to buy greeting cards.  A lot of times they will actually sell cards two for a dollar so you can save a lot of money that way.

Buy from the 99-cent section

Many stores have cards that are 99 cents.  These can still be very cute cards, and are obviously great deals.   They make them for all different sorts of occasions.

Buy in sets

They will often sell a set of different cards and the per card price can be a lot cheaper than if you bought them all together.  You should look through the cards to see what the selection is.  It might not work out if you end up having to pay for cards that you might never use.  They also will sometimes sell sets of specific types of cards such as thank you cards or birthday cards.

Look for clearance items

Just like a lot of other items, greeting cards can go on clearance.  For instance, after holidays you will often find the cards for the holiday on clearance.  At places like Target you might be able to get cards for 90% off.  These are small and fairly easy for most people to save for the following year.  They also will put other cards on clearance.  If you see some, they you can stock up.

Look on the Internet

You might be able to save money by purchasing greeting cards on the Internet.  There are many places that sell such cards, and a lot of them might be more reasonable.  You also might be able to get a better selection as well.

Use coupons or wait for sales

Different stores that have greeting cards have coupons.  You can take advantage of that.  In addition there are also sales.  Some sales might be a percentage off or they might give you a free card after you buy a certain amount.

Greeting cards can be expensive but there are ways you can save money.  Consider the above ways in order to save.