How to Save Money on Groceries with Coupons

In a tight economy, many families, couples and singles are looking for a creative way to stretch their dollars. If you are new to using coupons this article can probably save you at least forty to fifty percent of your grocery bill. If you are an occasional coupon user you can still cut at least an additional twenty-five percent off your grocery bill.

First you must find ways to obtain coupons. The best coupons are available online from sites like and Before going crazy with online coupons, check with your store manager to make sure that your grocery store accepts internet coupons. The Sunday paper, magazines, and regular blogs are other great’s spots to sniff out coupon leads.

Check with your local store about “stacking” coupons. Many places such as Target will let you combine their printable coupons along with manufacturer’s coupons. This technique will give you the most bang for your buck.

Check your local flyers for sales at your local grocery stores, and plan your meals around those sales. Then, look for coupons for the items that are on sale. Don’t be afraid to shop for three to six months worth of food if the price is good.

If you have a good freezer, don’t be afraid to load up on great meat specials. Chicken legs and thighs on sale in ten pound bags for $3.50? Don’t hesitate to buy five bags! Yes, it is a little time-consuming, as you must separate the meat into the correct portions for your family, but the financial savings can be worth it.

Hotdogs, brats and hamburgers usually go on sale during the summer holidays. For example, you could easily stock up on Oscar Meyer hotdogs at the rock bottom price of twenty-five cents a package by combining Meijer mealbox coupons and manufacturer’s coupons.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and neighbors for their coupons if they aren’t going to use them. There is no sense in good coupons going to waste. Also if your friends and neighbors are computer savvy, have them print a few coupons out for you, for those instances where there is a limit to the coupons that one person can print. Think ahead and print out some coupons at work too!

Finally, make sure that you take your coupons with you when you shop. There are many ways to organize your coupons. Some people use folders, others notebooks, and still others use envelopes. No matter what system you use, just make sure that somehow they make it to the grocery store with you. A coupon in hand is worth two in the drawer at home.