How to Save Money on Milk

Milk is one of those staple foods that are used around the house on a daily basis by a high majority of people. Milk can be used several times per day from breakfast, tea or coffee in the morning to making sauces or using in cooking at night.  It’s one of those items that when it runs out, it will automatically be replaced.

The costs of milk can be high or low depending on the frequency of use, for example a family with a toddler will have to replace milk more often than a person who lives alone will.

Try the following suggestions to cut the cost of the milk purchases in your household;

– Try supermarket or generic brands

There is a great hesitation to buy some supermarket or generic brand items mostly because of their tastes. But when it comes to purchasing milk for a household that regularly uses milk throughout the day, a supermarket or generic brand may be a good money saving option.

– Buy the quantity you’re going to use

It sound a little strange doesn’t it?  But if you don’t use milk often, you won’t need a massive bottle of it at a time. If you regular use milk, buy larger bottles or cartons. If you don’t use milk regularly, go for the smaller option or the amount closest to what you think you can use before it goes bad. Wasted milk or milk that goes off before you get to use it represents money thrown away.

– Consider powdered milk

Milk that comes in powdered form may seem a disgusting idea for some people, but the taste can be ok if the milk is refrigerated. Milk in powdered form can be excellent money saving item; often the amount a pack can be the equivalent of 15 litres (4 Gallons) depending on the size pack you buy.

Milk in powdered form is also easy to store in an airtight contained so there can be a lessened chance of wastage because you can mix up the quantity you need at one time. When it comes to this type of milk, you only need to find a reasonably priced and reasonable well known brand for the taste factor.

– Try Ultra Heat Treated (UHT)

UHT is great when it comes to saving money. This item is made for pantry storage, similar to the powered form but it’s already made for you.

Because it’s sealed, the milk doesn’t go bad while it’s unopened in your pantry but does need to be refrigerated when it’s opened and used within the time frame of the regular milk you buy.

This type of milk comes in different types similar to regular milk but the cost can be considerably cheaper. Again, this product might have some taste issues for some people, but when it’s cold it can be no different than regular milk.

– Buy milk in bulk instead of as needed

Alternatively, if you can’t bring yourself to stray away from your choice of milk, another great way to save money is to buy the milk in bulk.

Purchasing milk in bulk requires that you have an estimation of the amount of milk you need per week or month depending on the frequency of your shopping.  When you buy milk in bulk, it’s just a matter of brining it home and putting it in the freezer until you need it.  

Milk sold in cartons is great for freezing as long as you give the milk enough time to thaw, no one in your house will enjoy watery milk.

Also, when you figure out how much you need, you can easily budget the same amount of money for that every time you go shopping.  It makes it easier to know what you’re going to spend in one hit rather than guess on how much money you need to keep just for milk.

Milk can be expensive when you feel the need to buy it on a regular basis or more than once a day, but there are simple ways and options to cut milk costs in the household.  Even using a combination of your regular milk and another type of milk, like supermarket or generic brands can still save you money.