How to Save Money on Movie Visits

Most people baulk at the high price of a visit to the movie theatre. With the advent of online availability, television movie deals and the speed with which movies hit the store shelves, it can almost seem a sin to spend that much money on a couple of hours in the dark. Nonetheless, movie goers still do it, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

It might seem that there is little to be done about the price of admission. Not so. Lots of companies and theatres have special deals, such as two for one nights, student, child and adult discounts and group discounts can be found too. Buying online can often throw up deals which are not readily advertised. A little research can turn up many ways to save on the movie admission price, so it is worth taking a little time. Be careful though, a ticket may be cheaper in the next town over, but the cost of the extra travel may swallow up that saving. Think before buying.

Eat before going to the theatre. In reality, it is more tradition than hunger that drives film viewers to stand in long lines waiting for, often not best quality, popcorn, nachos and hotdogs. These tend to be washed down with sugar heavy fizzy drinks and more sugar hits from copious sweets. Think about it. Is this normal for the family, for anyone in these more health aware times? Wouldn’t heavy bouts of sugar consumption and fast food be avoided like the plaque in reality? Then why do it now?

Have a full meal before a movie visit. Even if the lure of the neon green soda and soggy, mustard-yellow nachos should prove too much, the tummy will be too full to eat much of the bad stuff!

This is a good point to bring in the kids. Taking kids to a picture is going to be horrifyingly expensive unless a few ground rules are laid down, and most importantly, stuck to. If sweets must be bought, make sure the kids know only one bar of chocolate, or one small bag of sucking sweets is on the menu, and no amount of crying, screaming or sulking is going to change that. Same for the drinks; a small drink, no more, and preferably juice rather than fizzy stuff. If they have eaten a family meal before venturing out, they will have no logical reason to be hungry and thus will not need hotdogs, popcorn etc. Stick to the rules, because once broken they will never have weight again.

Avoid all the little distractions put about to lure the unwary and unwise customer. Yes, standing in line and waiting is boring, but that is no reason to buy the merchandise being touted for whatever blockbuster is current flavour of the month. That hat which plays the Bond theme will only gather dust in the back of the cupboard, and the plushy from the latest Disney movie will be covered in jam and forgotten within the week. Back away, slow and careful.

Think about which movie theatre to use. The multiplex is flashy and alluring, but it is also likely to be twice as expensive as going to the local single screen. This may not be based on ticket price alone. The tickets may actually be cheaper, but they make their money on all the things already mentioned above. Plus the cost of travel, and the high chance of being lured into a takeaway or restaurant based around the complex is a great deal higher, hiking up the spending.

Not only are these dangers lessened by using the local movie theatre, but supporting local amenities is a far more worthy cause than lining the pockets of the big companies. Plus walking to the theatre will save on fuel and emissions, so wins all round. Although, in the summer, is there anything better than going to the movies at a drive-in? Cheap too!

With a little effort and planning, the cost of a visit to the movies can be drastically reduced and could even become a weekly treat.