How to Save Money on Office Wear

Proper office attire is a must and can become rather expensive to maintain. Looking your professional best does not have to break the bank. Look around before you settle on what and where to buy. When you do not have the time to shop and compare, these suggestions may help you save money on office wear:

Avoid stores that specialize in office attire. The reason for this is that they specialize in these items. This means that no matter what you buy here, the price will be higher than if you buy the same item somewhere else. These stores often advertise good sales, compare the sale price with the suggested places listed below, and you will see the difference.

*Second hand shops. These places can be a treasure trove for any occasion. Some people may think second hand stores only offer out-dated, worn out clothing. This is simply not true. Besides, there is something to be said for some vintage office wear. For example: gray and black suits don’t go out of style.

*Discount outlets. Most of these stores sell designer clothing at affordable prices. There is nothing wrong with wanting designer clothinng, however, the designer prices are not desirable. Discount outlets are great places to shop designer brands for lower prices.

*Sales. Close outs, end of season and buy one get one half off are all sales to keep your eyes open for. You can pick up some really nice ensembles during these sales.

*Yard sales. One should never count out what can be found at yard sales. As the saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

It is not written anywhere that to look professional, you have to go into debt. When you take your eyes off the department stores and high-end retailers, you can spot good deals on office wear. One of the keys to finding office appropriate attire is to keep it simple. Avoid loud colors(bright reds, greens, pinks, etc.) and form fitting outfits. White dress shirts(blouses), black or gray trousers(dress pants), below the knee skirts and neutral colored sweaters are good examples of simple, yet stylish items. These items are available in many places and do not cost very much. Another tip is to avoid dry clean only items. Dry cleaning can get expensive. There are items available in the laundry detergent isle to help with color fading.