How to Save Money on Office Wear

Dressing for work often goes hand-in-hand with a hefty price tag. Suits, blouses, shirts, slacks and ties are a little on the expensive side, but necessary to maintain a professional image while meeting office dress code policies. Thankfully, smart and savvy shoppers know how to avoid the big ticket items, dressing to the nines, even on a thrifty budget.

Retail consignment stores carry high-quality, gently used items for resale. Consignment stores often maintain a high-level of quality assurance in the clothes that they sell, making finding great, well-kept togs sinfully simple. In fact, many boutiques located in upper-crust areas of any city usually have a large selection of brand-name, designer office wear for low prices.

Consignment (Take Two)
Another way to save on your office attire is by consigning your gently used items in exchange for cash or store credit toward the purchase of new clothes. Check with your local consignment shop for details and requirements on how to do this.

Thrift Stores
A thrift store is an excellent option for budget conscious shoppers. However, a little more digging might be involved to  find suitable suits and appropriate clothing at a thrift store than it would at a consignment shop. There is very little quality-control on the garments for resale in thrift stores; yet, quality finds are available.

EBay and Online
There are a myriad of online deal websites like EBay or advertising in-stock office wear at deep discounts. Not only are these sites easy to navigate but it is usually devilishly straightforward to find a list of job appropriate items on sale, in many cases over 50 percent off retail.

Rebates and Cash Back
The emergence of websites like Ebates and Fat Wallet have revolutionized the cash back industry. These sites work on a simple principle; rewarding user loyalty. Simply log on and visit your favorite merchants through their portal. Each time you do, a tracking code monitors your shopping trip and you earn anywhere form 2 to 12 percent cash back on each purchase. Combine this shopping hint with a cash back rewards debit card and save as much as 15 percent every time.

Social Media
Fan your favorite stores on Facebook and Twitter for up to the minute deals and steals exclusive to the online community.

Shopping Smart
Of course, there is no substitute for shopping smart. Buy winter gear at the beginning of the summer season when winter wear is on clearance; buy summer office attire at the end of the season, when fall clothing lines are coming out. Buying clothes for next season at the tail end of the last means a whopping discount on brand new clothing, and maintains your ability to rotate fresh styles throughout your closet.

Your clothing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Shop smart and bargain hunt to save a bundle on any clothing purchase.