How to Save Money on Prom Expenses

You’ll never forget it.  Prom night.  The fancy dresses, the excitement in the air, the final hurrah of the culmination of a magical childhood.  There is one thing you would probably rather forget however.  The expense.

Without a doubt, prom can be very pricey.  There are many different expenses that may emerge, and you can end up going through hundreds and even thousands of dollars on this one special night.  Fortunately, there are some things you can do in order to save money and still have the same amazing experience.  The following are some tips on saving money on prom expenses.

Shop around and price compare

This can save you a great deal of money, and you can do it with almost every aspect of your prom experience.  For instance: the dress.  Most girls want a beautiful dress for prom, and these often do not come cheap.  However, there are many stores that have beautiful dresses for a fraction of the cost of other stores.  You can often get a dress that is very similar or even exactly the same for far less if you shop around.  Do not settle on a dress that you do not love, however if you look at the more reasonable stores, you are very likely to find a dress you love without getting robbed. 

You can also price compare items such as tuxedo rentals and even limo rentals.  Again, just because you are paying less it does not mean that you are getting less.  Some places are just more reasonable.

Look for sales and specials

Many places that offer items for prom have sales or specials.  You can often get a prom dress or tuxedo on such a deal.  You might be able to save a significant amount of money by finding such an opportunity. 

Chip in with friends to share certain expenses

Obviously you are not going to share a dress, however there are some expenses that are easier to share.  One common one is a limo.  Limousines can be very pricey, and oftentimes it might just be out of the price range of a high school kid.  Some of the limos are big enough to accommodate several couples.  They can all get the experience but won’t have to shoulder the entire cost.  You also might be able to make a deal with someone who does hair, nails and makeup as well.  You might be able to pay to have someone come out to do everyone, and they might be cheaper per person.

Prom is a magical experience, but it can be pricey.  Consider the above tips to help you save money.