How to Save Money on Shoes

Everyone wears shoes, and everyone needs to purchase new shoes from time to time. There is no reason why you can’t buy very high quality, stylish shoes without having to go broke in order to do so. It isn’t difficult to be a savvy shopper, and you can have a lot of fun doing so. You can laugh all the way to the bank as you delight in the numerous and substantial savings you can find just by knowing how to go about doing so.

Here is a look at some very practical yet easy ways to save on shoes.


Many people are unaware that retailers often offer coupons. Check out CouponCraze to find coupon offers that are updated on a daily basis. You can find coupons for specific brands and for specific retailers. You can use some in stores and others online.


Always compare prices before you set out to shop. There are places that will guarantee that they will meet another store’s price just to ensure that they gain your business as a customer. Online retailers offer incredible incentives such as regular sale prices, free shipping and no tax. They also offer free return shipping, so exchanging something that doesn’t fit is not a big problem.


There are great places to buy shoes on the Internet. They often offer a wider selection at greater discounts than free standing stores. Some of the best online shoe retailers include:



Outlet stores are always a great way to get deep discounts. When you add sales discounts to the already discounted prices, you can get some super deals that you won’t likely find elsewhere. Outlet stores also often offer incentives to get customers to return to shop there again, so you may get a coupon that will allow you to get a deeper discount at a later date.


Warehouse stores can always afford to give deeper discounts. Places like the Discount Shoe Warehouse (DSW) have stores all over the country. They are able to buy their merchandise in such huge quantities that they can offer deep discounts. This is a great place to check out, especially if you are looking for popular brands or high end designer styles.


Another popular incentive to get customers into a business is to offer a BOGO deal. That means that if you buy one pair of shoes, you can get another pair of equal or lesser value for free. Places such as Payless Shoe Source offer these deals. You aren’t getting the most prestigious brands of shoes, but when it comes to buying shoes for kids who outgrow their shoes and clothing in a matter of months, this can be a great money saver. For a kid, a tween or a pre-teen, this can be a good enough incentive to get them to willingly stay focused on the shopping mission at hand.


Clearance sales often provide good savings on merchandise that a retailer needs to unload. At the end of a season, many stores will try to unload the previous season’s merchandise so that they can bring in the new season’s fashions. If you shop into the next season, the sales racks may offer even deeper discounts as the retailer tries in desperation to sell off their out of season merchandise. If you wait long enough, you may find rock bottom prices because the merchandise from a clearance sale will be put on clearance sale, creating discounts that may drop to 80% or more off the original price.

These are some simple ways to save money on shoes. It isn’t hard to look for sales if you check the websites of your favorite retailers, look at discount retailers online, or wait until your local stores drop their prices at the end of the season. Look for coupons that can be used on sale merchandise and the double discount can yield very significant savings.

We are living in difficult economic times, and retailers are having to come up with big incentives to lure shoppers in. This makes it possible for a savvy shopper to take advantage of every savings opportunity there may be, and you may discover that you can purchase more shoes than for less money than you would have purchased had you paid the full price.