How to Save Money on Skincare

The beauty business is one of the most thriving and lucrative industries in the world with worldwide sales reaching on average around $170 billion per year. And skin care products are among the most popular items, particularly anti aging creams. Many people buy creams and skin care products that are totally unnecessary because the industry has such clever marketing. But there are many ways to save money on expensive skin care products.

Always get the best deal, according to Martin Lewis, creator of the money saving expert forum, getting the best deal on every product that you buy is like giving yourself a 25 percent pay rise. Use comparison websites and shop around for the best bargains.

A new product has recently exploded onto the market causing quite a stir in the beauty world; this product is known as the beauty balm. Beauty balms can potentially do the jobs of up to five skin care products. The range is so vast it has a balm for virtually every type, shade and texture of skin. The balms act as a moisturizer, face primer, foundation, anti wrinkle cream, sunscreen and a blemish cream. All of this can be found in one little tube that will save you a great deal of money on all of the above products.

Many people still use both day and night creams, this is a clever ploy by the beauty marketing people to get you to buy two products. Generally night creams are just thicker and more intensive than a day cream. A great way to save money on these is to either use your day cream at night or your night cream during the day.

Choose two in one products such as a two in one cleanser and toner, you will still get the same benefits as if you had used both products, but you will have only paid for one.

Keep skin as healthy as you can to minimize the need for creams and skin care products. A well balanced diet with all the right vitamins and regular exercise will help keep your skin looking and feeling fantastic.

Use one cream for as many things as possible, for instance using an intensive body moisturizer as a hand cream will save you the expense of buying a hand cream and still give your hands some much needed moisture.

Exfoliate regularly because a build up of dry, dead skin cells will leave your skin feeling rough and looking dull. Gently exfoliate every few days to remove the excess skin cells and leave your skin feeling smoother and brighter.

Creams and skin care products are a great help, particularly to those with problem skin. But beauty starts on the inside, and whatever you put into your body will be reflected in the way your skin looks and feels. This will help you save a fortune on skin care products.