How to Save Money on Transport when Living in new York

Unfortunately, living in New York can be expensive. A good chunk of your money could go forth in regards to transportation for the most part. However, with critical thinking and careful planning, you can save a lot of money on transportation. There are plenty of ways that you should go about it for the most part.

First, do not buy a car. A new car will set you back by at least fifteen to thirty thousand dollars. Even if you buy a used car at a much lower price, you still have to pay in the long run. With a new car, you have to deal with monthly car payments. You have to factor in how much you pay a month on insurance and a year on automobile taxes. Then, you have to factor in how much a month you pay for gasoline.

With an older car, there are possible faults that the previous owner neglected to tell you about. You might have to buy a new battery, a new engine part, some new tires, or something else. Altogether, that is going to cost you money on transportation.

An entry on the website called “Uptake” explains that you should take public transportation. In short, that would be a combination of the buses and the subway. If you can help it, avoid taking the taxi. You could be paying a lot of money via the taxi ride.

The Uptake blog entry explains that, provided you have an Apple iPhone, to download the application called “HopStop.” This is a handy application for those that are visiting New York City. It will tell you the stops that are closest to your desired destination such as a hotel room, a restaurant, or something else.

You should look into buying a metro card which comes in handy. That way, you do not have to go around buying bus tokens. Depending on what you use to buy those metro cards, you could get a bonus.

Take advantage of online maps as you can plan routes without having to drive. Look into walking and bicycling routes if you can. In other cities such as Philadelphia, Boston, or Washington DC, you can use a combination of walking and public transportation.

In this respect, you will be staying in shape by moving your body actively. Plus, you will be saving money due to not having to make car payments, insurance payments, tax payments, gas payments, and/or repair payments. Transportation in New York City can be expensive; but, you can ease the financial burden with careful planning and effort.