How to Save Money on Travelling to Work

In today’s world you want to save money where you can. Commuting to work can burn a hole in your pocket without you even realizing it. There are many ways to save money commuting to work. If you want to have an accurate idea of how much you are spending use your debit card for one week straight and see how much you are spending. Here are some ways to save money while commuting: Make coffee at home, fix breakfast, carpool, use public transportation, and condense your schedule.

Coffee at home

If you decide to add up your Starbucks bill for the year you will see you are spending the same amount you would on a cell phone bill for the year. When you make coffee at home you will save a lot of money for the year. Most people get up without leaving room to get ready without rushing. If you are struggling with making coffee in the morning, try to prepare some of it the night before and let it brew in the morning as you take a shower. If you take long showers make sure you do not brew your until after.

Fix breakfast

Most Americans do not eat a proper breakfast in the morning and often skip it entirely. If you spend time making breakfast you are less likely to have an expensive lunch or fill up on snacks throughout the day. Fixing breakfast gives you the proper fuel needed to have a productive day. If you fix breakfast in the morning you will save a lot of money and time on lines.


Carpooling is a good way to save money during the year. When you drive to work you run the risk of a lot of things such as added maintenance, gas consumption, risk of getting into an accident, parking fees. Take the time out do your yearly expenses for your current transportation costs. I can almost guarantee you the money you save a year could be a down payment on a house.

Public transportation

If you live in area where you can take public transportation, then you should. There are companies out there which offer commuter checks which enables you to deduct it at the end of the year. Public transportation may not be a fan favorite, but you will be able to work on projects while on the bus or train. Public transportation is a fixed expense even when they raise the rates.

Condensed schedule

If you want to work a condensed schedule you should consult with your boss. Working a condensed schedule may be best suited for those who drive to work. If you are taking mass transit to work, then you will not feel the effects of the condensed schedule financially, only physically. Working on a condensed schedule allows you to do more with your time while people are at work; this saves money normally spent on multiple trips on different days. Example: If you normally shop on Saturdays, but have to break it up into two days of shopping because of lines or store hours, having an extra day will enable you to do your shopping in one day.

There are many ways to save money while commuting to work. You have to decide to be disciplined about freeing up extra cash. Good luck!